Arts Council of Greater Kingsport Collection, 1970-1988


Title: Arts Council of Greater Kingsport Collection, 1970-1988

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection 398

Physical Description: 4 Boxes (1/2 Hollinger, 3 slides boxes)

Creator: Various

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport



Provenance: The collection was donated to the Archives of the City of Kingsport by Cathie Faust, on behalf of the Arts Council of Greater Kingsport, in August 1999.

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: Karen V. Ankabrandt, archives intern, processed the collection and developed the finding aid in December 2008.



This collection should be cited as:

Arts Council of Greater Kingsport Collection, 1970-1988. KC Manuscript Collection 398, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.



The Arts Council of Greater Kingsport Collection contains photographs and slides of events sponsored by the Council.  Events such as children’s programs, theatrical and musical performances are included in the collection.



Kingsport Arts Council, Kingsport, Tennessee.




Box 1

1.  Title Slides (Meeting to Discuss 1982-83 Year; Overview of Arts Council Programs), 1982-83

2.  Title Slides of Art Programs, March 1987

3.  Sidewalk Sale at the Fine Arts Center (Judy’s Exhibit), Slides, undated

4.  Spring Showcase Slides, 1986

5.  Studio Glass at FineArtsCenter Slides, 1985

6.  People in Various Musical and Craft Programs, Slides, 1971

7.  “Kites,” an Art Show, Slides, 1987?

8.  Children Doing Art and Craft Projects, Slides, 1984?

9.  Dramatic Performance and Art Displays, Slides, undated

10. Art Projects, a Dramatic Performance, and an Orchestra Recital Slides, undated

11. Studio Glass Art Projects, Slides, undated

12. Artventures Children’s Program Slides, March 1983

13. Paint-In Slides, March 1987


Box 2

1.  Performances, Group Activities, and ArtProjectsAdvertisingFineArtsCenter, Slides, undated 1975

2.  Movie Scenes (Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, etc.), Slides, undated

3.  Various Theatre Guild Performances, Slides, 1970, 1973, and undated

4.  First Artventure Children’s Program Slides, 1983

5.  Downtown Arts and Crafts Festival Slides, 1982

6.  Artventures Slides, 1984

7.  Spring Gala Slides, 1987

8.  Artventures Outreach Slides, 1987

9.  Artventures Outreach Slides, 1988

10. Arts in Education Slides, 1988

11. Miscellaneous Slides, 1971 and 1975

12. A Little Night Music Performance Slides, undated


Box 3

1.  The Crackerjacks, a Performance, Slides, 1987

2.  Unknown Play Slides, performed 1985

3.  Glass Exhibit Slides, 1985 and undated

4.  Drawing/ Painting Class Slides, undated

5.  Artventures Slides, 1984

6.  Social Gathering for Members of the Art Guild, Slides, 1984

7.  Netherland Inn, Slides, undated


Box 4

1.  Arts in Entertainment Sessions on Cassette Tapes, undated

2.  Workshops on Cassette Tapes, and 45mm Films-?, undated

3.  Dance Performances Outside Library, Photographs, 1988

4.  Arts in Education Conference and Workshop, Photographs, 1988

5.  Recital, Office, Dinner, and Performance Photographs, 1988

6.  Chinese Art Display, Photographs, 1988?

7.  Activities Sponsored by the FineArtsCenter (a Dance, Singers, and a Celebration), Photographs, 1988

8.  Hot Air Balloons, Group Meeting for Lunch, and Office Worker Photographs, undated

9.  The Revivers and Mark Rydell Photographs, 1983

Unknown Play Photographs, undated

10. Arts Venture Photographs, 1988

FineArtsCenterBuilding Photographs, 1982

11. The FineArtsCenter- Groups, Activities, and the Building, Photographs, 1988

12. The Imaginer Performance Photographs, undated

13. Office, Dinner Gathering, and Event in Downtown Kingsport Photographs, undated

14. Arts in Education Conference Photographs, undated

15. Kites Art Show Photographs, undated

16. Art Project in Downtown Kingsport Photographs, undated

17. Unknown Dramatic Performance Photographs, undated

18. Artventures Photographs, 1985

19. Museum Pieces and Art Display Photographs, undated

20. Music Concert at Glenn Bruce Park Photographs, undated

21. Children’s Activity at Dobyns-Bennett High School Gymnasium Photographs, undated

22. Dance Activities and Orchestra Performance in the Robinson Middle School Gymnasium Photographs, undated

23. Dance Activities for Children, Photographs, undated

24. Miscellaneous Photographs of the Fine Arts Center Building, undated

25. Miscellaneous Activities, Photographs, 1987 and undated