Scary Stories


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live through a near-death experience; the adrenaline pumping through my veins and my heart pounding so hard that I could feel it graze my ribcage. The girl in the reflection of the windshield, suspended by her seatbelt, seems to be experiencing many of those fight-or-flight symptoms right now. It’s a shame she didn’t see me standing on the shoulder, but it’s always easier to inhabit a vessel when it’s off-guard.

-Alyssa Gregg

Tick tick the clock struck midnight. All the witches came out to play. They cast their mind tricking spells and we all followed their dark paths.

-Bryson Davis


A chilling scream….but no survivors!
-Courtney Murray

As you leave, your reflection stays
-Jessica Fraysier

My loaned book came back dogearred!
-Donita Kennedy

A light flicked on…I’m alone.
-Toni Jenkins

Frozen, terrified, as my reflection laughed.
-Robert Jenkins

“Why is my name carved here?”
-Joe Ewing

Look out the pumpkins are coming!
-Jessica Davis

Sun goes down ghost come out.
-Shannon Davis

America is becoming The Handmaid’s Tale.
-Kari Matheney

Once inside, FEAR, hair raising chills!
-Tammy Vaughn

“You go on, I’ll sacrifice myself.”
-Tia Jenkins