Blue Ridge Garden Club Records, 1953-1978

KC Manuscript Collection 205

Materials in the Blue Ridge Garden Club collection consist primarily of minutes, correspondence, yearbooks, and gardening publications.  This garden club was active in the Preston Woods area of KingsportTennessee from the 1950s through the 1970s.  The organization was founded during September 1952.  Materials have been retained in original order within file folders, and dates run generally from most recent to oldest.

Historical Note:
Based on material obtained from the collection, the organization’s presidents were as follows.

Mrs. W.L. Hicks (Florence) 1952-53
Mrs. P.J. Burns (Lorene) 1953-54
Mrs. R.C. Harrington (Laura) 1954-55
Mrs. C.F. Earnhardt (Wilma) 1955-56
Mrs. W.G. Grubb (Manette) 1956-57
Mrs. W.L. Hicks (Florence) 1957-58
Mrs. H.W. Smith (Eleanor) 1958-59
Mrs. J.B. Parsley (Marie) 1959-60
Mrs. K.R. Sivert (Irene) 1960-61
Mrs. P.H. Schneider (Ruth) 1961-62
Mrs. J.A. Moriarty      (June) 1962-63
Mrs. R.F. Hunt, Jr.      (Martha) 1963-64
Mrs. H.G. Reed (Marjorie) 1964-65
Mrs. J.C. Cochran (Marty) 1965-66
Mrs. W.J. Clegg (Evie) 1966-67
Mrs. C.A.   Bruner (Bonnie) 1967-68
Mrs. K.R. Sivert (Irene) 1968-69
Ginny Cash 1969-70
Mrs. W. Grubb (Manette) 1970-71
Mrs. W.E. Gift (Clara) 1971-72
Mrs. R.E. Bevington (Maxie) 1972-73
Mrs. R.E. Bevington (Maxie) 1973-74
Mrs. R.F. Hunt (Martha) 1974-75
Mrs. H.G. Reed (Marjorie) 1975-76
Mrs. W.J. Clegg (Evie) 1976-77
Mrs. C.A.   Bruner (Bonnie) 1977-78

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This collection should be cited as:
Blue Ridge Garden Club Records, 1953-1978.  KC Manuscript Collection 205, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Betsy Miller donated this collection on behalf of her father James J. Griffith, Jr. in April 2007.

Jeff A. Jenson processed the collection and developed the finding aid in May 2007. Brianne Johnson revised the finding aid in May 2008.

Blue Ridge Garden Club.
Tennessee–Kingsport–Societies and Clubs.
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FOLDER LIST                   

1. Correspondence and The Garden Bulletin, January 1955-March 1958 and undated

2. Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports, May 1953-May 1963

3. Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports, March 1964-November 1978

4. Yearbooks, 1963-64 and 1964-65