David Peirce Collection, 1950-1968

KC Manuscript Collection 258


Title: David Peirce Collection

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 258

Physical Description: 7 boxes

Creator: David Peirce

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport


Provenance: The David Peirce Collection was donated to the Archives of the City of Kingsport by Stanley Peirce, son of David Peirce, in November 2007.

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: This collection was processed by Brianne Wright and opened for research in May 2011.


This collection should be cited as:

David Peirce Collection, 1950-1968. KC Manuscript Collection 258, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.


David Peirce, son of Susan Sayers Gannaway Pierce and Thomas Jackson Peirce, was born in February 1914. Peirce worked at Eastman before going to England as part of the Army Air Force in World War II. After the war, he owned and operated the Peirce Photographic Studio. In the mid-60s, Peirce stared a career in real estate. David Pierce passed away in 2006.


The David Peirce Collection contains negatives and photographic prints created by David Peirce during his time as a professional photographer in Kingsport. The collection is focused on people and places within Kingsport. The majority of the collection consists of local people and events.

The negatives are arranged in the first 3 boxes, followed by photographic prints. The collection is arranged in the original numeric order assigned by David Peirce. The photographs are organized first by year with items in each folder arranged numerically by the same system implemented by Peirce.






                501 singer sewing machine
507 Mr. Cox 81 yrs old birthday party at J. Fred. Johnson Park   with baseball team
509 Optimist Club-Marble Shooting-Don Herron winner
513-3 Kpt Utilities Cooking School
514-1 St. Paul’s Episcopal Nursery School
514-5 St. Paul’s Episcopal Nursery School
517 Woodmen of the World
519 Ryburn Dancing Studio-Pupils
520 Civic Auditorium-Frozen Food Cooking School
521-2 Automotive Service and Supply-interior
521-4 Automotive Service and Supply-exterior
522-2 Kpt Utilities-Interior
523 V.F.W Award to Sea Scouts
525-3 Salvation Army
526-2 Newcomb Dance Studio
527 Martin Graham Bootery
528 First Christian Church
529-1 Charles Store Opening
533 Ryburn Dance School Rehearsal
537-2 Legion Swimming School
537-4 Legion Swimming School
539-540 Group wedding portrait from the wedding of Mary Jane Dade   and Kenneth Gordon Hultin
542-1 hot rod race
542-2 hot rod race
544 Eastern Star at Kpt Inn
548 The wedding party for the marriage of Mary Lucille Arnott   and Frederick Donald Ryan.
549 scouts departure
553 Overby Wedding
557-2 Bernards Clothing
558-1 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-2 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-3 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-6 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-7 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-9 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-10 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-11 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-12 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-13 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
558-14 4th of July parade and American Legion Carnival
559 W.B. Greene Window Display
560-5 Stone Family Garden
566 Promotional photograph for U.S. Royal Life Tubes-in front   of the Kingsport Merchants Ass.
570 W.B. Greene Window Display
575 Hobb’s Car Wash
576 ET & WNC Transportation Company Trucks.
590 Mary K. Seagle Wedding
591 Louise Danielson Wedding
594-3 Moose Club
594-4 Moose Club
594-5 Moose Club
595 First Christian Church
600 Broad Street Methodist Church
604 West View Methodist Church
606 Martin Graham Bootery
609 Rosemary McElroy Wedding
616 Greene’s Window Display
621 Craft Motors
632 Glenwood Baptist Church
634 National Guard Departure
636 First Christian Church-Parsonage
640 Recruit Group-Tommy Seals
641-1 Cawood used car lot-Cherokee st.
641-2 Cawood used car lot-Cherokee st.
641-3 cawood used car lot-Cherokee st.
656 First Presbyterian Church
657 First Baptist Church
660-1 Eat Well Lunch- E. Sullivan Street
660-2 Eat Well Lunch- E. Sullivan Street
662-1 Beverly’s Garage-Gilliam Service Station
662-3 Beverly’s Garage-Gilliam Service Station
665 Broad Street Methodist Church-Men’s Bible Study
666-1 Charles Store
666-2 Diamond Cab
666-3 B.F. Goodrich
673-1 Teen Center- taken for Jim Welch
673-2 Teen Center- taken for Jim Welch
673-3 Teen Center- taken for Jim Welch
673-4 Teen Center- taken for Jim Welch
676-1 Mrs. Charles Brooks Birthday Party
676-2 Mrs. Charles Brooks Birthday Party
681-1 St. Paul’s Episcopal Nursery School
684 V.F.W Convention
687-2 Woodmen of the World
690-1 Mother Dobyns at Kingsport Inn
690-3 Mother Dobyns
691 Homeland- for Flem Dobyns
693 Mafair Methodist Church
695-1 St. Paul’s School-Halloween Party
697-1 Cherokee Motors-interior
697-5 Cherokee Motors-exterior
698-1 Interior of Nard’s Sport Shop. The shop was located at 506   E. Center and was operated by Mr. Joseph E. Nard.
698-2 Duffer-Taylor
698-3 Kpt Camera Shop
698-4 Cut Rate Supermarket
698-5 Godwin Hardware
698-6 Laundry Shop
697-7 Jewel Box
698-8 Seals motor Company
698-9 Harrison’s bootery
698-10 Armours drug
698-11 Watson’s Dept. Store
698-12 Bingham’s Furniture
698-13 Copy Poster for Center Theater
698-14 Brashear Electric
698-15 Clinchfield Supply
698-15-2 Clinchfield Supply-interior
698-16 Texas Steer Drive in
698-17 Kpt Paint and Wallpaper
698-18 Center Theater
700 Sobel’s
712 Hobb’s Car Wash legal photos
722-1 1409 Brightridge-R.F. Looney
722-2 Mac Naughton, N.W
722-3 1537 Brightridge-Harry Ford
722-4 1255 Catawba- E.W. Tipton
722-5 1421 Brightridge- Melvin Smith
722-6 1413 Brightridge-Richard Armstrong
722-7 1440 Brightridge-J.E. Rigby
722-8 1428 Brightridge-Winston Jackson
722-9 1264 Catawba-W.S. George
733 E. Smyth Home
745 Palsy Center Play
749 Joe Tipton Home
759 VFW party
760 Dr. Wiley


Flem Dobyns
A2-4 Tally Ho Restaurant
A3-3 Douglass High School
A3-4 Douglass High School
A4-2 St. Paul’s Kindergarten
A6 Montgomery Ward
A13-2 March of Dimes
A17 Huntsman Equipment Company/Don Whited Groceries
A36 Litz Manor Scouts
A41 Mrs. R.C. Davidson, Mrs. F.J. Brownell Sr., Mrs. T.M.   Bowder, Anne Booner, Mrs. Wiley
A79 St. Mark Methodist Church-Rev. Manning
A91 St. Dominic’s Catholic Church and School
A93-1 Bristol Circle Shell
A93-2 Jimmie’s Steak House
A93-3 Shell Station
A93-4 M & O tea Room
A93-7 The Wood Shed
A93-8 Pioneer Hotel
A108 Slip-Not Belting
A113 Baptist Church Gate City, Va
A118 Center Theater Billboard
A125 St. Paul’s Nursery School
A129-1 Kingsport Junior High School Band and Cheerleaders
A129-2 Kingsport Junior High School Band and Cheerleaders
A129-3 Kingsport Junior High School Band and Cheerleaders
A129-4 Kingsport Junior High School Band and Cheerleaders
A129-5 Kingsport Junior High School Band and Cheerleaders
A132 Jackson School- First Grade
A137-3 Dr. J. R. Pierce on horse
A138 Bays Mountain Drive-In Theater
A143-4 Tidewater Construction Co. Penn-Dixie Cement
A147-4 Spur Station-corner of E. Center and Sullivan
A147-5 Spur Station-corner of E. Center and Sullivan
A149-1 Owl Market-exterior
A149-3 Owl Market-interior
A155 Ryburn Dancing School
A159 Kingsport Junior High School 7th grade band
A163 Holston Ordinance Works-area B
A166-2 Montgomery Ward
A167 J.C. Penny’s- corner of Broad and Center
A170 Ryburn Dance School
A172 Jackson School- Mrs. Deakins Class
A175 Broad Street Methodist Church-Kindergarten
A202 Roan Mountain- taken for James N. Julian
A212 Tally Ho Restaurant
A213 J.T. Harr Motors, the Kingsport Car Exchange, and the   Shamrock
A245 V.F.W. Tennis Awards
A247 Machinist Trade School
A249 V.F.W. Tennis Awards
A250-1 Coca-Cola Bottling Works 719 W. Sullivan Street
A250-2 Coca-Cola Bottling Works 719 W. Sullivan Street
A251 Penn-Dixie Cement
A256-2 Cherokee Motors
A257-1 Tally Ho Restaurant
A257-2 Tally Ho Restaurant
A266-1 Larry Newcomb Studio
A266-6 Larry Newcomb Studio
A275 Dobyns-Bennett High School
A276 Tom Yancey, Inc.
A287 Southern Shoe Store
A295-2 Cherokee Boat Company
A304 Bell Ridge Elementary School Morrison City Mr. Otis Stair,   principal
A305 Community Finance
A325 Methodist Church-Church Hill
A370 Community Finance
A374 V.F.W. Christmas Party
A375 Stan Peirce


Newcomb Dance Studio
B101 W.B. Greene Company
B119 St. Dominic’s Catholic Church and School
B130 Bennett & Edwards-interior
B192-1 Kpt. Utilities Cooking Demonstration
B192-2 Kpt. Utilities Cooking Demonstration
B192-3 Kpt. Utilities Cooking Demonstration
B314 Armed Forces Parade
B319 Pet Dairy Products
B331 V.F.W. district meeting
B369 West Ridge Presbyterian Church
B374 Southeastern Optical Co.
B376 Nards Sport Shop
B383-1 Ridgefields
B383-2 Ridgefields
B386-1 Blair and Sutton Realty Company, located at 337 E. Center   Street.
B386-2 Kingsport Development Company was located at 340 E. Center   Street.
B425 Pet Dairy Products
B426 Clinchfield Supply Company
B433 Bingham’s Furniture
B434 Pinemont Farms
B435 Baylor-Nelms
B436 Holston Auto Supply
B442 Whitney School of Business -graduating class
B444 Holston Auto Supply
B455-2 Broad Street Methodist Church
B455-4 Broad Street
B467 Penn-Dixie Cement
B473 Stan Peirce-Birthday
B474 Boy Scouts
B498 Rotary Club
B499 Litz Manor School
B504 V.C.T.
B505 Cedar Grove School-King and Queen
B508 Spur Station-corner of E. Center and Sullivan
B509 George Koone-group of musicians
B528 Bill Todd Home
B537 Billie King with snowman
B538 Stan Peirce
B548 West View School


WKIN March of Dimes Request Show
C30 Tom Yancey, Inc.
C46 Freel’s Drug Store
C67 Peirce Family
C113-1 Kpt. Junior High School
C113-4 Kpt. Junior High School
C127 ? Cooke
C130-1 Kingsport Junior High School
C130-2 Kingsport Junior High School
C153 Huddle Electric
C159 Brooks Sand and Gravel
C161 Harkleroad Feed Company
C164 Evelyn’s Tots and Teens
C164-1 Evelyn’s Tots and Teens
C173 Mrs. T. J. Peirce Birthday Party
C176 Bethel Presbyterian Church
C188 Miss Margie Verbridge, Miss Sally Miles and Miss Beverly   Howard
C195 Allandale
C226 Borden Mills
C241 J. C. Highway
C243 Western Auto Store
C272 Latimer-Looney
C272-3 Latimer-Looney
C280-1 Jewel Box
C280-2 Jewel Box
C287 Beacon Drive-In
C287-2 Beacon Drive-In
C295 Bell Ridge Elementary School
C300 Army Store
C320 West View School
C331 Cole’s Drug Store


Elks Club
D40-1 Kiwanis Kapers Palmer Memorial Check Presentation
D44-1 Kiwanis Kapers
D44-3 Kiwanis Kapers
D48-1 Kiwanis Kapers
D48-2 Kiwanis Kapers
D50 J. Fred Johnson Company-interior with people
D51 Bell Ridge School- Basketball players
D57 First Christian Church-congregation
D62 Potter Motor Sales
D67 Esso Ltd Products-party at Kpt Inn
D81 The Southern Christian Convention was held in Kingsport at   the Civic Auditorium.
D98-1 American Legion-Hammond No. 3 building
D98-2 Little Store and Cole Drug
D98-3 Price and Ramey, New Street
D101 Armed Forces Parade
D109 The Kirby Co. party at the Kpt Inn
D135 Pyle Motors
D136-1 Backer Brothers Parade Float
D136-3 WKIN Parade Float
D150 Clinchfield Supply
D159 Clinchfield supply
D198 Nettie Lee Window Display
D199 Kingsport National Bank
D202 Penn Dixie Cement-night photo
D215 Whitney School of Business
D224 Clinchfield Supply


The Kirby Company
E37 B.F. Goodrich
E42 Kiwanis Kapers
E46 Kiwanis Kapers
E51 Kiwanis Kapers
E53 Kiwanis Kapers
E55-2 Kiwanis Kapers
E55-5 Kiwanis Kapers
E153 Mills Motor Company
E166 Oakwood Forest Christian Church
E218-3 Clinchfield Supply
E218-5 City Concrete Company
E221 Kpt Publishing Company-unidentified people at party
E232 Bennett & Edwards
E238-1 Broad Street Methodist
E238-5 Broad Street Methodist
E243 VFW
E266-1 Allandale
E266-2 Allandale
E307 Broad Street Methodist-men’s class
E327 Katherine Collier-shower party


Dorothy Marsh-Mrs.Howard Loy Shower Party
F7 March of Dimes
F33 Banker Evan Goode from the First National Bank receives   funds from the “Mothers March on Polio” women. From left to right   are Mrs. N.G. Smith, Mrs. Kent Walker, Mrs. M. Charles Lambert and Mrs. W.T.   Walker, Jr. The “Mothers March on Polio” was a campaign for the   March of Dimes. The slogan for the campaign was “turn on your porch   light-fight polio tonight.” Women would go door to door to try and raise   money.
F35 The Currin Co, Inc.- Sign on Knox Highway
F37 Pet Dairy Products
F45 Broad Street Methodist Church
F56 C.A. Bauer and Company
F68 Tom Yancey, Inc.
F76 Ketron Memorial Church
F92 Kiwanis Club-boys club
F96-2 Kiwanis Club-boys club boxing- Raymond Smith, Joe Davis and   Charlie Pennington
F96-3 Kiwanis Club-boys club-weightlifting-Buddy Russell, Ronald   Sams, Frank Moore
F96-5 Kiwanis Club-Boys club- Fencing- Bob Prince, Larry Powell,   Bill Parker
F96-6 Kiwanis Club-boys club-library-Jimmy Frazier, Raymond   Smith, Lowell Craft, Bobby Moore
F97 Kiwanis Club-boys club
F105 Kiwanis Club-Kapers rehearsal
F107 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
F108 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
F110 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
F115-1 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
F115-4 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
F119 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
F124 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
F128-1 Lincoln School- Grade 2    Room 1
F128-2 Lincoln School- 2-2
F128-3 Lincoln School- 2-3
F128-4 Lincoln School- 3-14
F128-5 Lincoln School- 3-15
F128-6 Lincoln School- 3-16
F128-7 Lincoln School- 3-17
F128-8 Lincoln School- 3-18
F128-9 Lincoln School- 4-21
F128-10 Lincoln School- 4-22
F128-11 Lincoln School- 4-23
F128-12 Lincoln School- 4-25
F128-13 Lincoln School- 5-12
F128-14 Lincoln School- 5-20
F128-15 Lincoln School- 5-28
F128-16 Lincoln School- 5-31
F128-17 Lincoln School- 6-13
F128-18 Lincoln School- 6-26
F128-19 Lincoln School- 6-29
F128-20 Lincoln School- 6-30
F128-21 Lincoln School- 6-32
F128-22 Lincoln School-safety patrol
F135-6 Allandale
F135-8 Allandale
F143 Palmer Memorial Campaign
F150-1 Dobyns-Taylor
F150-2 Chapman Bros. Lumber Co. Gate City, VA
F150-3 Nickels Dept. Store, Gate City, VA
F155 Kiwanis Club-Boys Club
F194-1 4th of July parade
F194-2 4th of July parade
F194-3 4th of July parade
F203 March of Dimes
F206 Market and Cumberland Streets
F215 Moose Club
F217 March of Dimes-boy getting polio shot
F227-2 Center Street Restaurant
F227-3 Center Street Restaurant
F236 Robinson Transfer Motor Line
F239 Center Street Restaurant
F265 Robinson Transfer Motor Line
F267 Eisenhower-Nixon headquarters
F268-1 Advance Auto Supply
F268-3 Advance Auto Supply
F270 Broad Street Methodist
f283 Robert “Bobby” Peters
F285 Kingsport National Bank
F291 J.T. Parker Insurance Company
F296-3 Kingsport National Bank
F296-8 Kingsport National Bank
F326-11 City Bus Terminal-202 E. Main Street
F326-13 First National Bank-Broad and Center Streets
F362 J. Fred Johnson Company








G23 March of Dimes
G38 Eleanor Ford
G50-7 Ridgefields
G50-8 Ridgefields
G51 Freel’s Drug Store
G55 Litz Manor Baptist Church
G64 Applied Roofing and Supply Co.
G69 First National Bank
G80 Drug Store window display
G85 Wallen Motors
G87 V.F.W.
G104 First National Bank-Lynn Garden Branch
G107-8 First National Bank-Lynn Garden Branch
G107-9 First National Bank-Lynn Garden Branch
G112 Broad Street Methodist Church
G113 Kingsport Office Supply
G121 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
G123 Advance Auto Supply
G125 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
G133-2 Girl Scouts
G139-1 Lincoln School-Grade 1- Room 6
G139-2 Lincoln School- 1-7
G139-3 Lincoln School-1-8
G139-4 Lincoln School-1-9
G139-5 Lincoln School-1-10
G139-6 Lincoln School-2-1
G139-7 Lincoln School-2-2
G139-8 Lincoln School-2-3
G139-9 Lincoln School-2-4
G139-10 Lincoln School-2-5
G139-11 Lincoln School-3-14
G139-12 Lincoln School-3-15
G139-13 Lincoln School-3-16
G139-14 Lincoln School-3-17
G139-15 Lincoln School-3-18
G139-16 Lincoln School-4-20
G139-17 Lincoln School-4-21
G139-18 Lincoln School-4-22
G139-19 Lincoln School-4-23
G139-20 Lincoln School-4-25
G139-21 Lincoln School-5-12
G139-22 Lincoln School-5-13
G139-23 Lincoln School-5-28
G139-24 Lincoln School-5-31
G139-25 Lincoln School-6-26
G139-26 Lincoln School-6-29
G139-27 Lincoln School-6-30
G139-28 Lincoln School-6-32
G139-29 Lincoln School-safety patrol
G149 Armed Forces Parade
G196-1 4th of July parade
G196-2 4th of July parade
G198 Baylor-Nelms
G248-1 Model City Motel
G248-2 Model City Motel
G248-3 Model City Motel
G250-1 Southwest Airlines
G250-2 Southwest Airlines
G282-6 Home Show
G319-1 WKIN
G319-2 WKIN
G321 Pet Dairy Products
G322 Plextone Exhibit
G342 Aerial photo-Ridgefields
G349 Mrs. J. Fred Johnson
G354 Aerial Photo
G425-1 First National Bank-Lynn Garden Branch
G425-2 First National Bank-Downtown Drive-In Branch
G429 Bennett & Edwards
G432 First National Bank-Downtown Drive-In Branch
G437 Coca-Cola Plaque
G444 March of Dimes


March of Dimes-Bunny Bread Truck
H10 Blue Ridge Glass Corporation
H13 March of Dimes
H23 March of Dimes
H41 Holston Valley Community Hospital
H50 Kiwanis
H55 Kiwanis Kapers
H60 Kiwanis Kapers
H70 Montgomery Ward
H75 Cherokee Boat Company
H77 Huddle Electric
H81 Broad Street Methodist
H100 Litz Manor Baptist Church
H113-1 Lincoln School-safety patrol
H113-2 Lincoln School- Grade 1 Room 6
H113-3 Lincoln School-1-7
H113-4 Lincoln School- 1-8
H113-5 Lincoln School-1-9
H113-6 Lincoln School-1-10
H113-7 Lincoln School-2-1
H113-8 Lincoln School-2-2
H113-9 Lincoln School-2-3
H113-10 Lincoln School-2-4
H113-11 Lincoln School-2-5
H113-12 Lincoln School-3-15
H113-13 Lincoln School-3-16
H113-14 Lincoln School-3-17
H113-15 Lincoln School-3-18
H113-16 Lincoln School-3-20
H113-17 Lincoln School-4-21
H113-18 Lincoln School-4-22
H113-19 Lincoln School-4-23
H113-20 Lincoln School-4-25
H113-21 Lincoln School-5-12
H113-22 Lincoln School-5-13
H113-23 Lincoln School-5-14
H113-24 Lincoln School-5-28
H113-25 Lincoln School-5-31
H113-26 Lincoln School-6-32
H113-27 Lincoln School-6-26
H113-28 Lincoln School-6-29
H113-29 Lincoln School-6-30
H115 Kingsport Health Center
H116 Winn’s Cut Rate
H126 Broad Street Methodist Church-Men’s Bible Study
H138 City Feed and Produce
H148 Hi-Liters
H157-1 “You Auto Buy” Weekend- Downtown on Broad Street
H157-2 You Auto Buy Weekend- Downtown on Broad Street
H157-3 You Auto Buy Weekend- Downtown on Broad Street
H157-4 You Auto Buy Weekend- Downtown on Broad Street
H157-5 You Auto Buy Weekend- Downtown on Broad Street
H163 Robinson Transfer Motor Line
H181 Eagles Club
H204 Mayfair Methodist Church
H206 First People’s Bank-Johnson City
H222 Civitan Club
H278 Wholesale Electric
H305 Prudential Life Insurance
H314-1 Aerial Photo-Church Circle and Downtown
H314-2 Aerial Photo-Downtown
H336 First National Bank-Patrick Henry Branch Opening
H353-2 Palmer Memorial Center
H353-6 Thomas Jefferson School
H366 Holston Valley Community Hospital
H403 St. Paul’s Kindergarten
H406 Eagles Club
H410 First National Bank-Patrick Henry Branch


March of Dimes-Cake at Little Store
J31 Student Driver for Buick Magazine
J36 Kpt Preaching Mission
J50 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
J52 St. Paul’s Kindergarten
J56 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
J66 Oakwood Market and Rainbow Trail Restaurant
J71 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
J80 Kiwanis Club-Kapers
J82 George Hutchins
J107 Girl Scouts
J108 Daisy Taylor
J119-1 Johnson School-Grade 1- Room 1
J119-2 Johnson School-1-2
J119-3 Johnson School-1-3
J119-4 Johnson School-1-4
J119-5 Johnson School-1-5
J119-6 Johnson School-2-6
J119-7 Johnson School-2-7
J119-8 Johnson School-2-8
J119-9 Johnson School-2-9
J119-10 Johnson School-3-10
J119-11 Johnson School-3-11
J119-12 Johnson School-3-12
J119-13 Johnson School-3-13
J119-14 Johnson School-4-14
J119-15 Johnson School-3-15
J119-16 Johnson School-4-16
J119-17 Johnson School-5-17
J119-18 Johnson School-4-18
J119-19 Johnson School-5-19
J119-20 Johnson School-5-20
J119-21 Johnson School-5-21
J119-22 Johnson School-4-28
J134-1 Lincoln School Grade 1 Room 6
J134-2 Lincoln School-1-7
J134-3 Lincoln School-1-8
J134-4 Lincoln School-1-9
J134-5 Lincoln School-1-10
J134-6 Lincoln School-2-1
J134-7 Lincoln School-2-2
J134-8 Lincoln School-2-3
J134-9 Lincoln School-2-5
J134-10 Lincoln School-3-4
J134-11 Lincoln School-3-15
J134-12 Lincoln School-3-16
J134-13 Lincoln School-3-17
J134-14 Lincoln School-3-18
J134-15 Lincoln School-4-20
J134-16 Lincoln School-4-21
J134-17 Lincoln School-4-23
J134-18 Lincoln School-4-25
J134-19 Lincoln School-5-12
J134-20 Lincoln School-5-13
J134-21 Lincoln School-5-22
J134-22 Lincoln School-5-28
J134-23 Lincoln School-5-31
J134-24 Lincoln School-6-14
J134-25 Lincoln School-6-26
J134-26 Lincoln School-6-29
J134-27 Lincoln School-6-30
J134-28 Lincoln School-6-32
J134-29 Lincoln School-School Patrol
J135 Cherokee Motors
J137 Cummins Diesel Sales Corp.
J148 Sassoon Wedding Reception
J165 One Hour Martinizing Dry Cleaning
J175-3 The Hat Shop
J175-9 The Hat Shop
J177 General Insurance
J195 Dr. R.H. Turcotte’s son
J204 Scott County Funeral Home
J238 All State Insurance
J260 Shelton Reed’s daughter Liza
J261 Hal Spoden
J290 Broad Street Methodist-school and teacher
J295 Taken for Gay and Taylor Insurance
J298 Dr. R.H. Turcotte
J339 Peirce Studio-229 E. Market Street
J339-2 The Shoe Box
J366-1 Diana Shops
J366-2 Diana Shops
J366-4 Diana Shops
J375 S.H. Kress Store
J428 March of Dimes-Kick off banquest held at Mack Ray’s   Cafeteria


Home Federal Savings
K6 Frank Taylor
K14 Oakwood Market
K27-6 Kingsport Garden Apartments
K28-1 Oakwood Market
K28-3 Oakwood Market
K28-4 Oakwood Market
K75-1 Little Store Bakery
K75-2 Little Store Bakery
K77 East Market Street
K82 Kiwanis Kapers
K100-1 Kiwanis Club in front of Kingsport Inn
K100-3 Kpt Inn
K100-4 Kpt Inn
K101 Kingsport Federal Savings and Loan
K109 First Christian Church
K119-1 Earle’s Drug Store
K119-2 Earle’s Drug Store
K119-3 Earle’s Drug Store
K128 St. Paul’s Episcopal
K164-1 Willis Supply
K164-2 Willis Supply
K164-3 Willis Supply
K168 Pet Dairy Products-display at Oakwood Market
K182 Willis Supply
K185 Wrigley Gum Display at Little Store
K189-1 4th of July parade-Kpt Safety Council Float
K189-2 4th of July parade-Kpt Hairstylists float
K191 Holston Valley Community Hospital-artist rendering
K199 Garden Court Motel
K199-2 Garden Court Motel
K208 Rotary Club-Baseball team
K214 Oakwood Market
K253 Oakwood Market
K273 V.F.W.
K267-1 Home Federal Savings
K267-2 Home Federal Savings
K306 Giant Super Market
K314 Belvue Christian Church
K335-1 Holston Valley Community Hospital
K335-2 Holston Valley Community Hospital
K335-3 Holston Valley Community Hospital
K335-4 Holston Valley Community Hospital
K335-6 Holston Valley Community Hospital
K335-12 Holston Valley Community Hospital
K335-13 Holston Valley Community Hospital
K383-1 Home Federal Savings
K383-2 Home Federal Savings


Taken for Gay and Taylor Insurance
M9 Meade Fiber Corp.
M12 Norman Sobel
M22 Mason & Dixon
M24 Buckles home on Watauga Street
M24-2 Buckles home on Watauga Street
M30 Inter-Mnt. Telephone Company
M42 Willis Supply
M43 E.W. Tipton, Jr.
M58 Don’s Market
M59 Strom Steel Ball Company
M66-2 E. Market St.-City Transportation co. wreck
M66-3 City transportation Co. wreck
M66-5 City transportation Co. wreck
M70 Kiwanis Kapers
M74 Businesses
M78 Kiwanis Kapers-“Well Flip my Wig”
M93-1 Giant Super Market
M93-2 Giant Super Market
M93-3 Giant Super Market
M111 First National Bank
M138 Kiwanis Club at Holiday Inn
M156 Beacon Drive-In
M188 Harvey Brooks-$30,000 Bull
M220 Western and Southern Auto Life Insurance Company
M224 Moore Transfer Co.
M225 4th of July Parade
M265-5 Frank’s Food Equipment Show at Civic Auditorium
M265-23 Frank’s Food Equipment Show at Civic Auditorium
M265-28 Frank’s Food Equipment Show at Civic Auditorium
M265-39 Frank’s Food Equipment Show at Civic Auditorium
M300 Community Chest group
M309-1 Allandale
M309-2 Allandale
M309-3 Allandale
M322 Southeast Airlines
M336 Curry’s Mortuary
M347 Baylor-Nelms
M349 Mrs. Mack Gibson and Family
M380 Midway Service and Grocery-Old Bristol Hwy
M388 Jim Welch Family Christmas Card photo


Colonial Heights Hardware
N68 V.F.W.
N70 Board of Directors First National Bank
N108 Baylor-Nelms
N116 Sears
N119 Tony Montrose-Mr. V.F.W.
N121 Automotive Service and Supply meeting at Civic Auditorium
N127-1 Lincoln School Grade 1 Room 6
N127-2 Lincoln School-1-7
N127-3 Lincoln School-1-8
N127-4 Lincoln School-1-9
N127-5 Lincoln School-1-10
N127-6 Lincoln School-1-24
N127-7 Lincoln School-2-1
N127-8 Lincoln School-2-2
N127-9 Lincoln School-2-3
N127-10 Lincoln School-2-4
N127-11 Lincoln School-2-5
N127-12 Lincoln School-3-21
N127-13 Lincoln School-3-22
N127-14 Lincoln School-3-23
N127-15 Lincoln School-3-25
N127-16 Lincoln School-4-11
N127-17 Lincoln School-4-15
N127-18 Lincoln School-4-16
N127-19 Lincoln School-4-18
N127-20 Lincoln School-4-20
N127-21 Lincoln School-5-12
N127-22 Lincoln School-5-13
N127-23 Lincoln School-5-14
N127-24 Lincoln School-5-28
N127-25 Lincoln School-5-31
N127-26 Lincoln School-6-26
N127-27 Lincoln School-6-29
N127-28 Lincoln School-6-30
N127-29 Lincoln School-6-32
N127-30 Lincoln School-safety patrol
N146 American Legion-Presentation of Hoover Books
N251 Cheerleader
N263 V.F.W.
N274 Holston Valley Community Hospital
N281-1 Rotherwood Hills
N281-2 Rotherwood Hills
N287 Boys Club-Pee Wee Football
N332 Jim Welch Family Christmas Card photo




Holston Valley Community Hospital
P14-2 Holston Valley Community Hospital
P28-1 Southeast Aviation
P28-2 Southeast Aviation
P28-3 Southeast Aviation
P28-5 Southeast Aviation
P28-6 Southeast Aviation
P43 V.F.W.
P49 J. Fred Johnson-copy of original
P54 Anderson Ford Co.
P66 Anderson Ford Co.
P83 Scott County Funeral Home
P115-1 Pet Dairy Products
P115-2 Pet Dairy Products
P123 Holston Valley Community Hospital-National Hospital Week
P149 Poppy Day display for the American Legion
P124 Tri-Cities Area Electric
P169 Fuller and Hillman
P198 American Legion
P218-1 American Legion Carnival
P218-2 American Legion Carnival
P218-3 American Legion Carnival
P218-4 American Legion Carnival
P218-5 American Legion Carnival
P218-6 American Legion Carnival
P218-7 American Legion Carnival
P218-8 American Legion Carnival
P218-9 American Legion Carnival
P218-10 American Legion Carnival
P218-11 American Legion Carnival
P225 Kpt Press Strike-for Champion Paper Co.
P226 4th of July Parade-Kpt Savings and Loan Float
P321 Sears on N. Eastman
P347 Sears on N. Eastman
P377 Kpt Federal Savings and Loan
P419 V.F.W.
P461-1 Oak Hill Cemetery
P461-2 Kroger-view towards W. stone Drive
P489 First National Bank-Bristol
P509 Broad Street Furniture


Boone Esso Service Station
R10-2 Boone Esso Service Station
R20 East Market and Commerce-taken for Gay & Taylor
R46 Kiwanis Club 40th anniversary at Ridgefields
R51 United Furniture and Transfer
R57 Sears
R64 First National Bank
R66 Kiwanis Club Kapers-The singing housewives
R73 V.F.W.
R87 V.F.W.
R90 McCurry Auto Parts group at Civic Auditorium
R95 Columbus Auto Parts
R131-1 Horsely Lumber
R131-2 Horsely Lumber
R134-1 Mason & Dixon
R134-2 Mason & Dixon
R135-6 Aerial
R135-10 Aerial
R138 Mason & Dixon
R141-1 First National Bank-Downtown Drive-In Branch
R141-3 First National Bank-Ft. Patrick Henry Branch
R145-1 Rogersville Cable-taken for Marian Palmer
R145-5 Rogersville Cable-taken for Marian Palmer
R160-1 Winn’s Cut Rate
R160-2 Winn’s Cut Rate
R160-3 Winn’s Cut Rate
R163-1 Barry Goldwater visit at Tri-Cities Airport
R163-2 Barry Goldwater visit at Tri-Cities Airport
R163-3 Barry Goldwater visit at Tri-Cities Airport
R166 Hertz Rent-a-Car at airport
R174 Unidentified Band-taken for Champ Young
R199 E. William King family at Lake House


United Furniture and Transfer
S20 First National Bank
S22 Kingsport Symphony Orchestra
S22-2 Kingsport Symphony Orchestra
S27 Edwin O. Norris-son with statues of Lee and Grant
S43 Broad Street Methodist Church
S76-1 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-2 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-3 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-4 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-5 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-6 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-7 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-8 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-9 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-10 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-11 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-12 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-13 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-14 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-15 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S76-16 Holston Valley Community Hospital
S78-2 Dipsy Doodle
S78-3 Dipsy Doodle
S84-1 Boy Scouts-Troop 254
S84-2 Boy Scouts-Troop 254
S84-3 Boy Scouts-Troop 254
S84-4 Boy Scouts-Troop 254
S85 Rotary Club
S90-1 St. Paul’s Kindergarten
S90-3 St. Paul’s Kindergarten


Kingsport Symphony Orchestra
T17 Mason & Dixon-Bill King at Desk
T25-1 Jackson School Grade 1 Room 1
T25-2 Grade 1 Room 20
T25-3 Grade 1 Room 26
T25-4 Grade 1 Room 28
T25-5 Grade 2 Room 14
T25-6 Grade 2 Room 18
T25-7 Grade 2 Room 22
T25-8 Grade 2 Room 24
T25-9 Grade 3 Room 16
T25-10 Grade 3 Room 17
T25-11 Grade 3 Room 19
T25-12 Grade 3 Room 21
T25-13 Grade 4 Room 3
T25-14 Grade 4 Room 4
T25-15 Grade 4 Room 25
T25-16 Grade 4 Room 34
T25-17 Grade 5 Room 2
T25-18 Grade 5 Room 5
T25-19 Grade 5 Room 6
T25-20 Grade 5 Room 15
T25-21 Grade 6 Room 7
T25-22 Grade 6 Room 9
T25-23 Grade 6 Room 11
T25-24 Grade 6 Room 12
T25-25 Grade 6 Room 33
T26-1 Anderson Ford Co.
T26-2 Anderson Ford Co.
T31 Waverly Road Pres. Church
T32 Mason & Dixon
T39 First National Bank-Newell
T40 First National Bank-50yr celebration
T43 V.F.W.-baseball team
T44 First National Bank-Ft. Patrick Henry Branch
T49 Mason & Dixon-Scout Award


Jay Harville and Jimmy Quillen
U3 Eagles Club
U16 Mason & Dixon
U18-1 Jackson School Grade 1 Room 1
U18-2 Grade 1 Room 20
U18-3 Grade 1 Room 26
U18-4 Grade 1 Room 28
U18-5 Grade 2 Room 14
U18-6 Grade 2 Room 18
U18-7 Grade 2 Room 22
U18-8 Grade 2 Room 24
U18-9 Grade 3 Room 15
U18-10 Grade 3 Room 16
U18-11 Grade 3 Room 17
U18-12 Grade 3 Room 19
U18-13 Grade 4 Room 3
U18-14 Grade 4 Room 4
U18-15 Grade 4 Room 21
U18-16 Grade 4 Room 25
U18-17 Grade 5 Room 2
U18-18 Grade 5 Room 5
U18-19 Grade 5 Room 6
U18-20 Grade 5 Room 7
U18-21 Grade 6 Room 9
U18-22 Grade 6 Room 11
U18-23 Grade 6 Room 12
U18-24 Grade 6 Room 33
U24 Mason & Dixon-Rodeo Banquet
U27 Eagles Club


Jackson School-6th grade-Mr. Darnell
W5-2 6th grade-Miss L. Rowland
W5-3 6th grade-Mrs. F. Mitchell
W5-4 6th grade-Mrs. V.D. Collins
W5-5 5th grade-Miss R. Hunt
W5-6 5th grade-Mrs. M. Freeman
W5-7 5th grade-Miss C.S. Nanney
W5-8 5th grade-Mrs. P. Rowland
W5-9 4th grade-Mrs. C. Alvis
W5-10 4th grade-Mrs. Emmerett
W5-11 4th grade-Mrs. Bright
W5-12 4th grade-Mrs. L. Still
W5-13 3rd grade-Mrs. Swink
W5-14 3rd grade-Mrs. F. Reed
W5-15 3rd grade-Mrs. Graham
W5-16 3rd grade-Miss Barkley
W5-17 2nd grade-Miss Scott
W5-18 2nd grade-Miss J. Lawhorn
W5-19 2nd grade-Mrs. J. Williams
W5-20 1st grade-Miss Deakins
W5-21 1st grade-Mrs. Cress
W5-22 1st grade-Mrs. Swanay
W5-23 1st grade-Miss V. Williams


Morelock Motors
Johnson   School 1-1 1956 Johnnson School Grade 1 Room 1
Johnson   School 1-2 1955 Johnson School Grade 1 Room 2
Johnson   School 1-3 1955 Johnson School Grade 1 Room 3
Johnson   School 1-4 1955 Johnson School Grade 1 Room 4
Johnson   School 2-5 1955 Johnson School Grade 2 Room 5
Johnson   School 2-6 1955 Johnson School Grade 2 Room 6
Johnson   School 2-7 1955 Johnson School Grade 2 Room 7
Johnson   School 2-8 1955 Johnson School Grade 2 Room 8
Johnson   School 3-10 1956 Johnson School Grade 3 Room 10
Johnson   School 3-12 1956 Johnson School Grade 3 Room 12
Johnson   School 3-13 1956 Johnson School Grade 3 Room 13
Johnson   School 3-14 1956 Johnson School Grade 3 Room 14
Johnson   School 3-15 1956 Johnson School Grade 3 Room 15
Johnson   School 4-16 1957 Johnson School Grade 4 Room 16
Johnson   School 4-18 1957 Johnson School Grade 4 Room 17
Johnson   School 4-18 1957 Johnson School Grade 4 Room 18
Johnson   School 4-21 1957 Johnson School Grade 4 Room 21
Johnson   School 4-28 1957 Johnson School Grade 4 Room 28
Johnson   School 4-19 1957 Johnson School Grade 4 Room 19
Johnson   School 5-19- 1958 Johnson School Grade 5 Room 19
Johnson   School 5-20 1958 Johnson School Grade 5 Room 20
Johnson   School 5-21 1958 Johnson School Grade 5 Room 21
Johnson   School 5-22 1958 Johnson School Grade 5 Room 22
Johnson   School 5-23 1958 Johnson School Grade 5 Room 23
Johnson   School 6-22 1959 Johnson School Grade 6 Room 22
Johnson   School 6-23 1959 Johnson School Grade 6 Room 23
Johnson   School 6-24 1959 Johnson School Grade 6 Room 24
Johnson   School 6-26 1959 Johnson School Grade 6 Room 26
Johnson   School 6-25 1959 Johnson School Grade 6 Room 25




1. 1950, 1 of 3

2. 1950, 2 of 3

3. 1950, 3 of 3

4. 1951, 1 of 4

5. 1951, 2 of 4

6. 1951, 3 of 4

7. 1951, 4 of 4

8.1952, 1 of 3

9.1952, 2 of 3

10.1952, 3 of 3

11.1953, 1 of 2

12. 1953, 1 of 2

13. 1954, 1 of 2

14. 1954, 1 of 2

15. 1955, 1 of 2

16.1955, 2 of 2




1. 1956, 1 of 5

2. 1956, 2 of 5

3. 1956, 3 of 5

4. 1956, 4 of 5

5. 1956, 5 of 5

6. 1957, 1 of 6

7. 1957, 2 of 6

8. 1957, 3 of 6

9. 1957, 4 of 6

10. 1957, 5 of 6

11. 1957(unnumbered), 6 of 6

12. 1958, 1 of 3

13. 1958, 2 of 3

14. 1958, 3 of 3




1. 1959, 1 of 6

2. 1959, 2 of 6

3. 1959, 3 of 6

4. 1959, 4 of 6

5. 1959, 5 of 6

6. 1959 (Church Hill Elementary School), 6 of 6

7. 1960

8. 1961

9. 1962

10. 1963

11. 1964

12. 1965

13. 1966

14. 1967

15. 1968

16. Aerial Photographs, undated and unnumbered

17. Church Hill Elementary, undated, 1 of 2

18. Church Hill Elementary, undated, 2 of 2




1. Parades

2. Portraits

3. Unnumbered, miscellaneous

4. Unnumbered, miscellaneous

5. Unnumbered, miscellaneous

6. Unnumbered, miscellaneous

7. Unnumbered, miscellaneous