Hagan Family Collection, 1903-1939

KC Manuscript Collection 78

The Hagan Family Collection consists primarily of reports and correspondence created by Patrick Hagan and his son, Charles Hagan, between 1903 and 1939 concerning the family’s land holdings.  There is also a booklet created by Charles Hagan that contains all the memorial tributes he received following his parents’ deaths in 1917.  Most documents in this collection concern the land, timber, and mineral resources owned by the Hagan estate.  The majority of these materials were created following Patrick’s death.  Documents created by Charles concern his attempts to gain control of property in the counties of Scott and Wise, Virginia that once belonged to his father but had been apparently sold to the Virginia Coal and Iron Company prior to 1912 when Charles took charge of his father’s estate.  Much of the former Hagan property became part of a national forest in 1937.  Eventually, the land became a portion of the Clinch River District within the Jefferson National Forest.  This land included High Knob which Charles Hagan wanted to rename Mt. Hagan.

Biographical Note:
When Patrick Hagan died, his surviving children were Charles F. Hagan, Patrick Hagan, Jr., Mrs. Thomas J. Curran, Rosalie Hagan, and a step-daughter, Mrs. Katherine Howard.  At the time of his death, he was regarded as one of the richest men in Virginia with wealth of approximately $5,000,000.  Most of this was invested in coal mines and farms.  Hagan died during February 1917 at the age of 89.  Patrick’s wife Elizabeth (Young) Hagan died a short time later in April.

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Hagan Family Collection, 1903-1939.  KC Manuscript Collection 78, Archives of the City of Kingsport,Tennessee.

Robert Harvey donated this collection in 1994.

Jeff A. Jenson processed the collection and developed the finding aid in February 2006. Revisions to the finding aid were done by Brianne Johnson in May 2008.



1. Minutes, Bruce Coal & Coke Company, 28 April 1903-7 April 1913 (Bound Volume)

2. United States Geological Survey, Geo. Otis Smith Director, Publication 431 “The Powell Mountain Coal Field, Scott and Wise Counties, Virginia” by M.R. Campbell and E.G. Woodruff and “Coking Coal in Powell Mountain, Scott County, Virginia,” by Marius R. Campbell. 1911 and 1914?

3. Report, “Powell Mountain Lands of Chas. F. Hagan, Trustee.  Report on the Coals,” includes map, 27 November 1915

4. Reports, Request for report on Scott and Wise counties with maps, 1910 and 1916 (Includes description of land owed by Patrick Hagan in Scott and Wise counties Virginia)

5. Report, “Report on the Coals of the Powell Mountain Lands of the Hagan Estate to Mr. Chas. F. Hagan, Trustee,” includes maps, c. 1916

6. Condolence Book for Patrick and Elizabeth Hagan, gathered together by their son, Charles F. Hagan, 1917

7. Reports, 1913, 1918, and undated (Includes map of proposed railroad up Little Stoney [sic] Creek)

8. Correspondence and Reports,Powell Mountain Coal, 1905-1918

9. Report, “Coal Developments on Little Stony Creek Powell Mountain Coal Field,” conducted by Fox and Peck Civil and Mining Engineers, 19 August 1918

10. Abstract, “Thomas Thompson Title Successfully Set up in Re: Clinchfield Coal Corp. vs.Childress   & Friend Wise County,Virginia,” February 1924 (Patrick Hagan Title Chain)

11. Clippings, Newspapers and magazines, 1914-15 and 1928



 1. Correspondence, Primarily Incoming, 1914, 1918, 1927-28 (bulk 1927)

2. Correspondence, Hagan Estates represented by Charles Hagan and the Virginia Coal and Iron Company, Property Dispute, 1932-33 (Includes supporting evidence and map)

3. Correspondence, High Knob and surrounding property sale dispute for national forest land, 1928-1938 (Includes related clippings)

4. Decree, C.S. Carter, et als. Vs. Hagan Estates, Inc. on the question of interest upon the attorney’s fees, 7 May 1938 (Related documents, 1935-39)

5. Receiver Reports, Bradley Roberts and R.W. Kelly, 1938-39 (C.S. Carter vs. Hagan Estates)