Kingsport Senior Citizens Council Collection, 1960s to 1980s

KM Manuscript Collection 24

The Kingsport Senior Citizens Council Collection one large scrapbook dating from 1961-1977, a smaller scrapbook, 1961-1968 (with a list of presidents from 1961-1977), a membership booklet from 1978, and a member registry book, 1977-1980.  The collection also contains several folders of diverse materials listed in the folder inventory.  Folders are described alphabetically, and those containing multiple materials are arranged chronologically where possible.

Historical Note:
The Senior Citizens Club began meeting at Waverly Road Presbyterian Church around 1960, receiving a state charter in 1961.  The rapid growth of the organization necessitated a move to Mayfair Methodist Church later in the decade and then to Sevier Recreation Center in the early 1970s.  In 1974, the program was placed under city sponsorship in the Department of Parks and Recreation, becoming the Kingsport Senior Citizens Council.

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This collection should be cited as:

Kingsport Senior Citizens Council Collection, 1960-1980s.  KM Manuscript Collection 24, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

E. Marshall Galloway processed the collection and developed the finding aid in November 2006.

Kingsport Senior Citizens Council.
Tennessee–Kingsport–Societies and Clubs.


 BOX 1

  1. By-Laws, undated
  2. Scrapbook: Charter, Clippings and Photographs, 1961-1977


  1. Brochures and Pamphlets: Self-Help, 1961 and undated; Retirement Homes, 1961 and undated; and Travel, undated
  2. Correspondence of Jeannette Dutton, 1972 and D.E. Carter, undated; Photograph of D.E. Carter, undated
  3. Membership Booklet with Member Photographs, 1978
  4. Membership Form, undated; List of Deaths from Beginning, undated
  5. Nutrition Project Council Information, undated
  6. Organizational Materials: Budget Summary 1974-1975; General Information, 3 May 1979, Discussion Group Outline, undated; Schedule of Social Services to be Provided, undated
  7. Publications and Program: Dedication of Edgemont Towers, Bristol, TN., 29 May 1971; The Tennessenior, May 1974; Kingsport Times News, 3 March 1991
  8. Scrapbook: Clippings, Photographs, and Documents, 1961-1968 (With List of Presidents, 1960-1973)
  9. Member Registry Book, 1977-1980