Louise B. Palmer Collection, 1916-1926 and undated

KC Manuscript Collection 207

The Louise Palmer Collection consists of a souvenir book dedicated to Eldridge W. Palmer and published by the Kingsport Press commemorating a local play titled The Paste Princess and held in the Strand Theatre.  This work includes numerous photographs of the cast, a play booklet, and related clippings.  In addition, the collection has an undated photograph of a stained glass window inside St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, two common photographs of downtown Kingsport, Tennessee taken around 1916, and one stencil postcard of the original Kingsport Public Library.

Historical Note:
The Paste Princess was “a musical comedy in glue and paste with more or less ink” written by William Nordmark “in appreciation of [E.W. Palmer’s] sincere interest in the welfare of all employees.”  The play was presented at the Strand Theatre in Kingsport during 26 and 27 April 1926.  Cast members included: Leo Jones, Wm. L. Moss, Pete Vogt, H.M. Shumaker, Paul Scott, Floyd S. Crosley, George Shelton, Edw. V. Warburton, Addie Jordan, Elizabeth Hamlett, Edw. Triebe, Kate Baker, Grace Trimble, Verna Larkin, June Dodson, C.H. Rollins, Messrs. Monroe, Peeler, Kouras, and Moss along with the Kingsport Press Municipal Band of Messrs. Ernst, Linstrom, Kouras, Moss, Peeler, Monroe, Rock, Ketron, Leonard, and Weymouth Palmer.

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This collection should be cited as:
Louise B. Palmer Collection, 1916-1926, and undated.  KC Manuscript Collection 207, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Louise Palmer donated this collection in September 1993.

Brian Wilson processed the collection.
Jeff A. Jenson processed and developed portions of the finding aid in May 2007.
Brianne Johnson revised the finding aid in May 2008.



1. The Paste Princess, Commemorative Souvenir Publication, April 1926

2. Photograph, Stained Glass Window at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, undated

3. Photographs and Postcard, c. 1916 and undated