Sevier Middle School Library Publications Collection, 1937-1977

KC Manuscript Collection 273

The Sevier Middle School Library Publications Collection contains various publications maintained by the reference desk of the library.  Among the files are brochures, pamphlets, booklets, and other miscellaneous publications from Kingsport industries and city government.  Companies include Borden Mills, Mead, Kingsport Press, Inter-Mountain Telephone Company, Tennessee Eastman, and the Kingsport Public Library.

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This collection should be cited as:
Sevier Middle School Library Publications Collection, 1937-1977. KC Manuscript Collection 273, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Sevier Middle School Library donated this collection in 2004.

Karen V. Ankabrandt, Archives Intern, developed the finding aid in January 2008.





1. Borden Mill, Inc., undated
2. Early Kingsport: Do You Know the Legend of How Bay’s Mountain Got Its Name?, undated
3. Tennessee Eastman Corporation
a. Chemical Wonderland, June 1948
b. Portrait of Tennessee Eastman Corporation, undated
c. The Story of Eastman Estron, undated
d. Tenite: An Eastman Plastic, 1940
e. Tenite: An Eastman Plastic, 1947
4. A Family Close-Up, 1960
5. Inter-Mountain Telephone Company: Annual Report of the Inter-Mountain Telephone Company for the Year 1953
6. The Kingsport Press
a. Bookmakers to America (Hardcover), 1948
b. Bookmakers to America (Paperback), 1948
c. Bookmakers to America, 1959
d. Bookmakers to America, undated
e. Kingsport Industrial Exposition, 18-20 October 1948
f. Regulations Governing Visitors Touring Kingsport Press, Inc., undated
7. Kingsport Public Library: Your Public Library Reports for 1950 and, 5 April 1951
8. Kingsport: Reports to the People “City of Industry,” 1950 & 1951
9. Kingsport: Tennessee’s Fastest Growing Market, October 1948
10. Manufacturers Record, featuring Tennessee, November 1952
11. The Mead Corporation
a. Human Enterprise: An Account of the Mead Corporation (1846-1963) H.E. Whitaker
b. The Mead Corporation Annual Report 1937
c. The Mead Corporation Annual Report 1940
d. The Mead Corporation Annual Report 1962
e. The Scope of Mead, 1962
f. A Souvenir of Your Visit to the Mead Corporation Kingsport Division, undated
g. This is Kingsport No. 5, undated
h. The World of Mead, 1959