Dobyns-Bennett High School

Indian Tribune Editorial Staff.
Row 1: Lucille Moody, Ann Harkins, Carolyn park, Dorothy Sutherland, Dorothy Ring, Marianna Moorefiled
Row 2: Lucille Danielson, Joan Falin, Patsy Kane, Mary Faith Carson, Louise Gilbreath, Norma Grigsby, Barbara Gammon, Jane Lawson, Louise Danielson
Row 3: Martha Bellamy, Joan Ketron, Gertrude Jordan, Katherine Broyles, Dorothy King, Betty Campbell, Jeanne Potts, Pearl Bright, Myrta Wiley
Row 4: Mary Lou Nottingham, Marie Church, Sarah Owens, Billie Brown, Joan Claymon, Martha Goerdel, Billy Blalock, Erma Scutt, Mildred Stelling, Nancy Hardin, Marie Smith
Row 5: Charles Robinson, Frank Ellenberg, Don Binkley, Chad Hurst, Carleton Davis

Photographer: Thomas McNeer, Jr.

Date Taken: 1946


ID#: 1666-46


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