Frank McAninch Collection
1862-2008 and undated
KC Manuscript Collection 114

Archives of the City of Kingsport
400 Broad Street
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660

Title: Frank McAninch Collection

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 114

Physical Description: 3 boxes and 1 oversize folder

Creator: Frank McAninch

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport

Provenance: The Frank McAninch Collection was donated to the Archives of the City of Kingsport by Frank McAninch in November 1996. Additions to the collection were made in August 2008, September 2008, January 2009 and April 2009. .

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: The collection was processed by archives staff. Brianne Johnson reprocessed the collection and developed the finding aid in April  2009.

This collection should be cited as:

Frank McAninch Collection, 1862-2008 and undated. KC Manuscript Collection 117, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

The Frank McAninch Collection consists of paper currency, commemorative and promotional coins, ticket stubs, receipts, postcards, and souvenir programs. The collection also consists of a number of artifacts from local businesses and the City of Kingsport. The oversize folder contains advertising calendars from a variety of Kingsport businesses; they are arranged in chronological order.

1. Certificates, permits, and licenses, 1925-1957 and undated
2. Coins, 1976-1992 and undated
3. “Eastman Comes to Kingsport,” Pete Dykes, 1985
4. Holiday Greeting Card from McAninch Apartments, undated
5. “Kingsport, Its History and Traditions”: A portfolio of ad reprints sponsored by Kingsport Power Company, c. 1966
6. Franklin Delano McAninch, Military Documents, 1956-1958 and undated
7. Memorial Book, R.C. McAninch, October 1956
8. Newspaper clipping, 1964
9. Paper Currency, 1862-1929
10. Postcards, 1914-1939 and undated
11. Programs, football and Kiwanis Club, 1964-1975
12. Receipts, 1923-1948
13. Sticker, Econowash Laundromat, undated
14. Tickets, 1949-1965 and undated
15. Yearbook, The 4th Armored Division, August 1956

BOX 2 (Artifacts)
1. Kingsport belt buckle, undated
2. Boone Street Service Station framed calendar and thermometer, c. 1949
3. Knife-70th anniversary, 1987
4. Matches-Mason & Dixon, pack of 4, unopened
5. Knife-Buck Van Huss, 1985
6. Truck-McAninch Apartments truck bank, undated
7. Kingsport Coal and Ice Co., ice pick, undated
8. Kingsport Grocery Co. thermometer, undated
9. Balloons-75th anniversary of Kingsport (2 total, 1 blue, 1 purple), 1992
10. Marker- Mason & Dixon, undated
11. Pencil- Roller’s Esso Station (2), undated
12. Pencil- Model City Motel, undated
13. Pen- Kingsport Inn, undated
14. Button-McCain/ Palin, 2008
15. Button- Obama/ Biden, 2008
16. Belt Buckle, Tennessee Agriculture and Commerce, undated
17. Belt Buckle, Tennessee Agriculture and Commerce, undated
18. Knife, Tennessee Homecoming, 1986
19. Pocket Watch, undated


Book- The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

Book- The Warren Report: The Official Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Oversize folder
1.      Calendar, 1930-Service Grocery

2.      Calendar, 1933-Home Dry Cleaners of Kingsport

3.      Calendar, 1934-Hyder’s Lunch

4.      Calendar, 1934-Moore & Walker

5.      Calendar, 1935-Hyder’s Lunch

6.      Calendar, 1935-Moore & Walker

7.      Calendar, 1937-Hyder’s

8.      Calendar, 1939-M.M. Haney

9.      Calendar, 1940-Kingsport Times

10.  Calendar, 1947-Stickler’s Grocery

11.  Calendar, 1948-C & O Restaurant

12.  Calendar, 1954-Bennett Company

13.  Calendar, 1958-C.M. Hyder Tailor Shop

14.  Calendar, 1992-Bethel A.M.E. Zion Church

15.  Calendar, 2003-Black Legacy, Robinson Mortuary and Robinson Funeral Home

16.  Calendar, 2004-Sears

17. Photograph, aerial view of McAninch Apartments and surrounding area, 1987

18. Photograph, Garden basket and Model City Motel, undated

19. Photograph, McAninch Market, undated

20. Photograph, Melodie McAninch, June 27, 1977

On Exhibit:
Painting, Raymond Williams, McAninch Apartments, 1990

McAninch Fruit and News

McAninch Market was located at 702-704 Bristol Highway (now East…