American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee Collection, 1946-ongoing

Title: American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee Collection, 1946-ongoing

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 247

Physical Description: 19 boxes

Creator: American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee-Kingsport Chapter

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport

Provenance: The American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee donated this collection in June 2007.

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Processing and development of the finding aid was done by archives staff prior to December 2007. Reprocessing and revisions to the finding aid were done by Brianne Johnson in March 2008. An addition of scrapbooks was processed in 2017.

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American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee. Collection, 1946-Ongoing. KC Manuscript Collection 247, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

“On June 1917, a group of Sullivan County citizens came together to organize and request a charter for a Red Cross Chapter in Kingsport. This charter was granted on July 11, 1917. At that time, the Board elected J. Fred Johnson Chapter Chairman. Other officers were Mrs. J.W. Dobyns, Vice Chairman; A. D. Brockman, Treasurer; Dora W. Stone, Secretary; William Roller, R. J. Hazel, William R. Pouder, T.B. Yancy, W.M. Bennett, R. B. Embree, M. B. Cainblos, and R.C. Johnson were members at large. Records show that the chapter sent supplies to be used in hospitals during the war years and fabric for use in aid to refugees. Few records are available for these early years, however, we know that Frank Cloud was Chairman from 1918-1942.

In 1944, A Red Cross room was opened at the bus station for service men to use when passing through town; this was a joint effort between the Red Cross and the American Legion. Clothing was provided for disaster victims in Hawkins County and Red Cross nurses’ aids were trained at Holston Valley Hospital.

During World War II, the chapter was involved in the War Fund Drive and Junior Red Cross in the schools. Cooking classes were held for war brides. Many messages were sent to servicemen and their families during the war years.

Disaster assistance has always been given to local residents when disasters occurred on a local scale, i.e. tornadoes, floods, fires, etc. In 1977, when the Appalachian floods occurred in Southwest Virginia, the Chapter was alive with Red Cross paid and volunteer staff from across the county as over $10 million was spent to aid the disaster victims in our neighboring counties. Our Chapter was the first in the area to donate their quota towards the $10 million goal. Tom Goodwin, Chapter Chairman presented a check for $24,056 from the Kingsport Chest to the American Red Cross to fulfill the Kingsport Chapter quota. Many volunteers from our Chapter assisted in the Southwest Virginia counties during the flooding. Today, our disaster trained volunteers continue to assist at home and across the county when requested.

Since 1989 we have had a National Emergency Response Vehicle located in our Chapter, the only one between Knoxville and Roanoke. Volunteers take it to disasters near and far on 24 hours or less notice.

The Chapter House on Wilcox Drive has been upgraded to meet the growing needs of the Chapter. In 1988 it was remodeled to include the entire building. A computer network was added in 1992. The basement was paved and turned into a disaster response area in 1995.”
Information obtained from and written by Winnie McMahon and Jane Harris.

The American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee collection consists primarily of scrapbooks and uniforms. Scrapbooks were compiled starting in 1946 and run through 2007. These books contain photographs, clippings, programs, correspondence, newsletters, reports, and miscellaneous items. Uniforms consist of a variety of styles and include a few hats. In addition, there are a couple of records and some certificates. Materials are arranged chronologically and by item type. Based in Kingsport, Tennessee, the American Red Cross of Northeast Tennessee serves the counties of Carter, Claiborne, Hawkins, Hancock, Johnson, Unicoi, Washington, and western Sullivan County.

American Red Cross
American Red Cross—Tennessee
Kingsport Area/Hawkins County Chapter of the American Red Cross
American Red Cross— Programs and Services

1. Certificates, 1985-1987 and undated
2. “Chapter Chatter,” 1962-1965
3. Kingsport Chapter Office of Volunteers Press Book, 1973-1974
4. Kingsport Chapter Office of Volunteers Press Book, 1975
5. Kingsport Chapter Office of Volunteers Press Book, 1976
6. Kingsport Chapter Office of Volunteers Press Book, 1977
7. Kingsport Chapter Office of Volunteers Press Book, 1978
8. Log of chapter activities, 1961-1962
9. Log of chapter activities, 1963-1964
10. Log of chapter activities, 1964-1965
11. Miscellaneous , 1963-1965
12. Miscellaneous, 1977-1982

1. Miscellaneous, 1979
2. Miscellaneous, 1980-81
3. One Hundredth Anniversary and Red Cross Sunday, 1963
4. Photographs, 1984-1992
5. Wives Who Wait, 1968-1969, 1970-1971

1. Hats, undated

1. Scrapbook, 1946-1970
2. Scrapbook, 1971
3. Scrapbook, 1972
4. Scrapbook, 1974
5. Scrapbook, 1975
6. Scrapbook, 1976

1. Scrapbook, 1963-1966
2. Scrapbook, 1967
3. Scrapbook, 1968
4. Scrapbook, 1971

1. Scrapbook, 1959-1962
2. Scrapbook, 1948-51, 1968-1969
3. Scrapbook, 1997-1999

1. Scrapbook, 1972
2. Scrapbook, 1993
3. Scrapbook, 1994-1995

1. Scrapbook, 1982
2. Scrapbook, 1983

1. Scrapbook, 1973
2. Scrapbook, 2003-2004

BOX 10
1. Scrapbook, 1999-2001

BOX 11
1. Scrapbook, 1969
2. Scrapbook, 1970
3. Scrapbook, 2001-2003
4. Scrapbook, 2005-2007

BOX 12
1. Uniforms, undated

BOX 13
1. Chevrons, 12, and 1 patch
2. Solid blue nurses cap
3. Blue sailor-type cap
4. Blue and white nurse’s cap
5. Red cross armband, 3
6. Nurse’s armband
7. Blue surgical-type cap
8. Grey and white nurse’s cap, 4
9. Dress uniform dress
10. Dress uniform blazer
11. Dress uniform hat

BOX 14
1. Teal seersucker dress, Hoover, New York
2. Grey Dilly pinstripe dress (missing buttons)
3. Grey Dilly pinstripe dress (no tags)
4. Grey Mercantile Uniforms, New York; pinstripe dress (size 10)
5. Grey Dilly pinstripe dress (size 10)
6. Sleeveless, blue seersucker underdress
7. Sleeveless blue seersucker underdress (worn)
8. Blue Hoover pinafore with volunteer patch and pin
9. Blue Hoover pinafore, “Red Cross” patch
10. Long-sleeved Isabel Garment dress, Philadelphia (size 16, initial ‘s’)
11. Blue Hoover zip top (size 12)
12. Dilly uniform (small repair left, back, newer)
13. Blue pinstripe pants (goes with zip top #11)
14. Blue pinstripe zipper dress with new logo patch (size 10)
15. White apron, no labels, no pockets
16. Teal seersucker dress, Hoover, New York (2 of 2)
17. Blue pinstripe zipper shift-style dress
18. Grey pinstripe Dilly Uniform (patch on pocket)
19. Grey pinstripe dress, Mercantile Uniforms, New York (size 16) with belt and red stitching on pocket
20. Blue pinstripe zipper shift dress Hoover (size 6)
21. Grey pinstripe shirt-type dress, Martins Uniform, Florida
22. Blue pinafore, Hoover, “American Red Cross Kingsport Chapter” on label
23. Blue zipper smock (size XL)
24. Miscellaneous items; patch, belts, and epaulet
25. World War I era banner/flag
26. Blue pinstriped pinafore w/Red Cross pin

BOX 15
1. Nurse’s white hats, 9, undated

BOX 16
1. Scrapbook, 1991-1992
2. Scrapbook, 1996-1997
3. Scrapbook of TN state newsletters, 1993-1996

BOX 17
1. Scrapbook, 2007-2010
2. Scrapbook of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, 2005

BOX 18
1. Scrapbook, 1990
2. Scrapbook, 1984-1985

BOX 19
1. Scrapbook, 1949-51, 1957-58