Maker Space

The Kingsport Public Library’s mission is to meet the needs of the community, changing and adapting as the needs of the community change and adapt. In a quickly changing world it is important that people achieve literacy across multiple platforms (traditional reading, digital skills, etc.) and are able to think creatively and innovatively to solve problems and work in occupations that do not currently exist. A Maker Space encourages innovation and invention in a social environment, builds a culture of experimentation and hands-on learning, and often incorporates digital skills.

Maker Space Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:00 am- 6:45 pm

Friday-Saturday 9:00 am – 5:45 pm

Please call 423-224-2539 to make an appointment to use the Maker Space. Limited staff assistance available evenings and weekends.

Need help learning how to use our Maker Space machines? Please call 423-224-2539 to set up an one-on-one appointment with staff.

Maker Space Machines

And Tools Available for Use

3D Printer

An Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer is available for Kingsport Public Library cardholders 16 or older in good standing.  Bring print file to library staff on USB flash in .STL format.  Library staff will print the job as the current print queue allows; prints are usually completed within a few days to a week. We cannot print objects that require more than 10 hours to complete or are larger than 8 inches by 8 inches. You must clean your own rafts and supports. The library uses PLA and nGen filament and the Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.  Detailed 3D printer policy is available here.  Call the reference department at 224-2539 for more information.


Print cost is $1.00 non-refundable setup fee per item plus $0.15 per gram of filament used.

Cricut and Cricut Design Studio

A Cricut Air 2 die-cutting machine is available for use  in the Maker Space. The Cricut can be used to cut vinyl stickers, heat transfer vinyl, paper, cardstock, and fabric. The library also has a premium subscription to Cricut Design Studio, which can be used on the Maker Space computer. 12 inch by 12 inch cutting mats, Cricut tools, and a hot press are available for use as well.


Removable and Permanent Vinyl Sticker sheets, as well as Heat Transfer Vinyl sheets are available for purchase for $1.50 per sheet. Members of the public who bring in their own materials can use the Cricut and Cricut design studio for free.

Button and Magnet Makers

Two American Button Maker Machines are available for use in the Maker Space. These machines can be used to make 1.25 inch and 2.25 inch pin back buttons and magnets. The Maker Space computer can be used to search for images and create button designs. Buttons can only be made with regular printer paper; cardstock and photo paper are incompatible with the machines.


$0.25 per Button
$0.50 per Magnet

Roll Laminator

A 9 inch wide Mead Cold Seal Laminator is available for use in the Maker Space. Roll laminators apply protective laminating film to printed items.


$0.05 per inch of length laminated.

Die Cut

An Accucut Mark IV Die Cut machine and 100 steel-rule dies are available for use in the Maker Space. This machine can be used to cut shapes from paper for crafting, education, and stationary. Our steel-rule dies come in various shapes, including plants, animals, space objects, and a full alphabet.


Members of the public who bring in their own paper materials can use the Accucut for free.

Guitar Pick Punch

A guitar pick punch is available for use in the Maker Space. Bring in your own plastic cards, such as old rewards cards or gym passes, and turn them into guitar picks.


Members of the public who bring in their own plastic materials can use the guitar pick punch for free.

Open Makerspace Labs:

We have a Open Makerspace Lab every other Thursday 4:00 – 6:00 pm. “Children” of all ages are welcome! We will have Cubelets, Snap-Circuits, Lego We-Do/Mindstorms, and our animation station. Come have fun with us! To see when our next Open Makerspace Lab will be, check our event calendar here.