Calvin Fitzwater Collection, 1921-2003

KC Manuscript Collection 74

The Calvin Fitzwater collection contains materials concerning primarily the Kingsport Mets.  Additional material relates to previous Kingsport farm teams such as the Braves and Royals.  There are a couple items concerning Dobyns-Bennett High School in Kingsport,Tennessee along with an unopened letter with a stamp of the USNS Kingsport.  Mets materials consist of programs, rosters, ticket stubs, team photographs, schedules, and unopened packs of player cards from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s.  Some of the team rosters are signed by players as are the baseballs from 1996-97.  The Kingsport Mets are a minor league farm team of the New York Mets and have played home games at Hunter Wright Stadium since 1995.

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This collection should be cited as:

Calvin Fitzwater Collection, 1921-2003.  KC Manuscript Collection 74, Archives of the City of Kingsport,Tennessee.

Calvin Fitzwater donated portions of this collection in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Jeff A. Jenson processed the collection and developed the finding aid in February 2006.
The finding aid was updated and revised by Jeff A. Jenson in January 2007. Other revisions by Brianne Johnson in May 2008.

Minor League Baseball–Tennessee–Kingsport.

Kingsport Mets.

Kingsport Braves.

Kingsport Royals.


Baseball cards.


Appalachian League (Baseball league).



1. Appalachian League, By-Laws, ratified 1984 amended through 1993

2. “Big League Dreams,”Kingsport Mets Supplement, 1998

3. Facility Standards and Compliance Inspection Procedures, Appendix A, Attachment 6, Hunter Wright Stadium, 1991

4. Photograph, Royals, entire team, 1969

5. Photographs, Mets, entire team, 1995-03

6. Player Card Sets, Mets, 1989-90

7. Player Card Sets, Mets, 1991-92

8. Player Card Sets, Mets, 1993-94

9. Programs, Braves, c. 1978

10. Programs, Mets, 1988-89

11. Programs, Mets, 1990 (10th Anniversary)

12. Programs, Mets, 1991-94

13. Programs, Mets, 1995-99

14. Ticket Stubs, Season Schedule Booklets, and Mets Magnet Schedule, 1997-01

 BOX 2

1. Higgins, Joe, News article, 2000 (Santa Train)

2. Program,Dobyns-Bennett High School Football, 1987

3. Programs, Royals, 1 year, c. 1969-73

4. Rosters 1986-1996

Rosters,Bluefield Orioles, 1996

Rosters,Bristol Tigers, 1986, 1988, and 1992

Rosters,Burlington Indians, 1987

Rosters,Martinsville Phillies, 1989

5. Rosters, Mets, 1986-89

6. Rosters, Mets, 1990-93

7. Rosters, Mets, 1994-98

8. Rosters, Mets, 1999-00

9. United States Navy, Military Sea Transportation Service, Unopened Letter, 18 January 1964 (with stamp of USNS Kingsport)

10. Program, Center Theatre Grand Opening, 26 January 1948

11. Roster, Players and Prospective Players, 1921-1955 (Includes nicknames, positions, years, teams, and hometowns when known), compiled by Calvin Fitzwater


Baseball, Mets, 1996 (Signed by players)

 BOX 4

Baseball, Mets, 1997 (Signed by players)

Oversized Materials

Pennant, Hokie Smokey Classic, Grand Opening of Kingsport Sports Complex, 1995 or 1996 (autographed)

Pennant, Hokie Smokey Classic, Virginia Tech vs Tennessee, undated

Map and Guide to Kingsport Tennessee, 1945 (encapsulated)

Pennant,Dobyns-Bennett High School, undated