Dr. L. C. and Stella Cox Democratic National Convention Materials, 1956, 1960, and 1964

KC Manuscript Collection 171

Dr. L. C. and Stella Cox Democratic National Convention Materials consists of items relating to the elections of 1956, 1960, and 1964.  Items belonged to Dr. L.C. Cox, a delegate to the 1956 convention, and his wife Stella, president of the Democratic Women’s Club of Sullivan County.  Materials from the 1956 convention include a delegate card and nametag belonging to Dr. Cox, an official program, delegate directory, schedule, voting guide, and a publication about CBS’s television coverage.  A speech by presidential candidate Estes Kefauver, two campaign posters with the slogan “Tennessee supports Lyndon B.,” and a presidential convention information chart all date from 1960.  Additionally, the collection includes “Democratic Women” materials, brochures for Bristol, ETSU, Johnson City, and the Cosby Ramp Festival (Ex-President Harry S. Truman was principal speaker), and two brochures from Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1964 campaign.  A Kingsport organizational chart listing Civil Defense duties is also included.

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This collection should be cited as:

Dr. L.C. and Stella Cox Democratic National Convention Materials, 1956, 1960, and 1964.  KC Manuscript Collection 171, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Celia Cox donated this collection 2 November 2006.

E. Marshall Galloway processed the collection and developed the finding aid in November 2006. Brianne Johnson revised the finding aid in May 2008.


Cox, Dr. Lemuel C.

Cox, Stella.

Democratic Womens Club of Sullivan County.

Democratic National Convention (1956: Chicago, Ill.)

Democratic National Convention (1960: Los Angeles, Calif.)

Democratic National Convention (1964: Atlantic City, N.J.)

Political Conventions

Presidents Election.



 1. Brochure, Campaign Conference for Democratic Women, 1964; Program, Democratic Women’s Club of Sullivan County Annual Luncheon, 1958; Handouts on Political Organization, undated

2. Brochures,EastTennesseeStateUniversity, 1964;Bristol, undated,Johnson City, undated

3. Correspondence of Dr. L.C. Cox, 1956 and 1960


4. Delegate Card, Democratic National Convention, 1956; Delegate Nametag Belonging to Dr. L.C. Cox, 1956; “Election Year Argument Settler” Fact Wheel, 1956


5. Delegate Directory, Democratic National Convention, 1956

6. Notes, Democratic National Convention, 1956


7. Official Program, Democratic National Convention, 1956


8. Program: Ramp Festival,Cosby,Tennessee. Principal Speaker, Ex President Harry S. Truman, 1955


9. Schedule, Democratic National Convention, 1956


10. Voting Guide, Democratic National Convention, 1956


a. City ofKingsportOrganizational Chart withNormalDuties and Civil Defense Duties, c. mid 1900s

b. CBS Television, The Blue Conventions: A summary of the most recent demonstration of network television’s ability to “interrupt its regularly scheduled programs” to bring an event of national interest to the American people. (Democratic National Convention Coverage), 1956

c. Envelopes, Democratic National Convention, 1956

d. CQ Chart of Presidential Convention Information, 1960

e. Kefauver, Senator Estes (Dem-Tenn.), Opening Campaign Speech For Release at Murfreesboro, 11 June, 1960

f. Kefauver, Estes, Quotes from Memorial Addresses delivered in Congress or read into the Congressional Record, undated

g. Campaign Posters (2), “TennesseeSupports Lyndon B., 1960

h. Brochures, Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey Campaign, 1964