James H. Quillen Collection, 1800s-2000

KC Manuscript Collection 71 


Title: James H. Quillen Collection, 1800s-2000

Collection Number:Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 71

Physical Description:  8 boxes, 4 oversized folders

Creator: James H. Quillen

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport


Provenance: The James H. Quillen Collection was donated to the Archives of the City of Kingsport by James H. Quillen and on behalf of Quillen by his Staff Assistant Jody Perry in 1996.

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: This collection was processed by Archives Staff in 1996.  The collection was re-processed and a finding aid developed by Emily Harrill and opened for research in April 2010.


This collection should be cited as:

James H. Quillen Collection, 1800s-2000. KC Manuscript Collection 71, Archives of the City of Kingsport,Tennessee.


James Henry Quillen was born January 11, 1916 in Wayland,Virginia to John Alley and Hannah Chapman Quillen.  During the late 1920s, his family moved to Kingsport Tennessee where he continued his schooling and held part-time jobs working at a restaurant, grocery store, and delivering telegrams by bicycle.  He graduated from Dobyns-Bennett High School in 1934.

In 1936, Quillen began a weekly newspaper called The Kingsport Mirror, cementing himself as the youngest newspaper publisher in the United States.  He sold the weekly newspaper in 1939.  Using the money from the sale of The Kingsport Mirror, Quillen established The Johnson City Times, a weekly and, in 1940, a daily newspaper in Johnson City.  He sold the newspaper in 1942 when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Quillen entered World War II as an ensign in the U.S. Navy serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS Antietam.  He was discharged as a lieutenant in 1946, where he had served in both theatres of war.

Following his discharge in 1946, Quillen became involved in construction and, later, in real estate and insurance as president and owner of the Kingsport Development Company. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Cecile Cox, while she was employed at Tennessee Eastman Company.  They were married on August 9, 1952. Quillen credits Cecile with influencing him to seek political office. Due to her urging and the persuasive efforts of others he became a candidate for the Tennessee Legislature in 1954 and was elected Representative of Hawkins and Sullivan County.

He served 8 years (1954-1962) in the Tennessee Legislature, including his service on the legislative council and as minority leader (1952-1960). During his time as a State Representative, he was also was nominated as Speaker of the House.  In 1962, Quillen entered the Congressional race for the First District U.S. House of Representatives.

Quillen’s political career spans a great number of accomplishments.  From 1956 to his retirement, he had served as a delegate/parliamentarian to each Republican National Convention; dean of the Tennessee delegation to Washington; chairman emeritus of the House Rules Committee (1965 to his retirement); vice chairman of the Legislative and Budget Process Subcommittee; chairman of the TVA Caucus; and a member of the Republic Policy Committee.

In 1986, he was named Tennessee States Man of the Year, and Interstate Highway 181 in Northeast Tennessee named in his honor. In 1993, he received the George L. Carter Award from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in Johnson City.  He also held a Doctor of Laws degree from Milligan College, an honorary Doctor of Letters from King College in Bristol and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Tusculum College. For ten years he led an instrumental battle to establish a medical school at ETSU, which now bears his name as the James H. Quillen College of Medicine.  In 1991, another medical facility was dedicated to the Congressman and his wife, the James H. And Cecile Quillen Center for Rehabilitative Medicine in Johnson City. In 1994,Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center,Kingsport, named its new cardiac wing in honor of the congressman as the James H.Quillen Regional Heart Center.

On April 10, 1996, Congressman Quillen officially announced his decision to not seek reelection in the U.S. House of Representatives.  During his retirement, Quillen continued to be active throughout the community. Upon his retirement, Quillen held the record for the longest continuous service by any Tennessee congressman in the US House of Representatives.

James H. Quillen passed away on November 2, 2003.


The James H. Quillen Collection consists of a variety of materials relating to Congressman Quillen’s political career, philanthropic pursuits, and retirement.  These include photographs, newspaper articles, audio-visual materials, honors and awards from organizations and local institutions, and unique artifacts commemorating his service as Congressman.



Quillen, Cecile Cox, 1916-2002

Quillen, James Henry, 1916-2003

Tennessee–Politics and government

Republican Party (U.S.: 1854-)

United States–Politics and government

United States. Congress


This collection is arranged into seven (7) series, one of which is divided into two (2) subseries.

Series I, Subject Files, 1937-1988 and undated,Box1, Oversized Folder 1

Series II, Awards and Honors, 1949-2000 and undated, Boxes 1-2, Oversized Folder 2

Series III, Photographs, 1962-1997 and undated,Box 2 and Oversized Folder 3

Series IV, Audio and Video Tapes, 1968-1997 and undated,Box 3

Series V, Publications, 1800s-2000, Boxes 4-5 and bookshelf

Subseries 1, Books, 1800s-1996, Boxes 4-5 and bookshelf

Subseries 2, Magazines, 1967-2000, Box 5

Series VI, Series VI, Artifacts, 1969-1989 and undated, Boxes 6-8, Oversized Folder 4


Series I, Subject Files, 1937-1988 and undated, Box 1, Oversized Folder 1.

This series contains inauguration materials from the 1957 Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon inauguration and the 1993 Bill Clinton and Al Gore inauguration; press releases; campaign and business cards; a flyer for a visit from then Governor Ronald Reagan at Dobyns-Bennet High school; a book of correspondence congratulating Quillen on the establishment of the James H. Quillen Student Scholarship Fund at Washington College Academy (includes letters from President Reagan, prominent politicians, and local individuals); the Muster Roll of the Crew of the U.S.S. Antietam; numerous newspaper articles and supplements documenting Quillen’s activities through the late 1980s to the years following his retirement, special newspaper issues commemorating Quillen’s service as Congressman for the First District in the U.S. House of Representatives, and various issues of The Kingsport Mirror; and miscellaneous items.

The series is arranged alphabetically by subject title.  Folder items are then arranged alphabetically by title and then chronologically.

Series II, Awards and Honors, 1949-2000 and undated, Boxes 1-2, Oversized Folder 2.

This series consists of awards, honors, and certificates presented to Quillen.  The series includes materials from the American Legion, the American National Red Cross, the Food Distribution Industry Thomas Jefferson Award, a plaque from the Hawkins County, Tennessee Industrial Development Board, the Lions Club, International Star Registry, honorary mayor certificate from Mount Carmel, Tennessee, a certificate of re-election from the State of Tennessee, and House Joint Resolution from the Tennessee House of Representatives honoring Quillen on his 80th birthday.

The series is arranged alphabetically by title of the presented organization and then arranged chronologically.

Series III, Photographs, 1962-1997 and undated, Box 2 and Oversized Folder 3.

This series contains photographs of James H. Quillen throughout his career.  These include numerous photographs of Quillen with Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Congressman Carroll Reece, General Norman Schwarzkopf, and other dignitaries.  The series also contains photographs of ceremonies honoring Quillen; miscellaneous photographs consisting of a wedding scrapbook, President Harry Truman, and a State of the Union address by President Gerald Ford. The photographs are arranged by size and then organized by date, with the undated materials filed last.

Series IV, Audio and Video Tapes, 1968-1997 and undated, Box 3.

This series contains 5 audio cassettes and 8 video (VHS) tapes consisting of Quillen’s retirement announcement, interviews with Anne Pope (Quillen’s secretary), commercial spots for the campaigns of Fred Thompson and Lamar Alexander, and recorded ceremonies involving James H. Quillen. The tapes are separated by format and then arranged by date.

Series V, Publications, 1800s-2000, Boxes 4-5 and bookshelf.

This series consists of books, magazines, and other publications organized into two subseries.

Subseries I, Books, 1800s-1996, Boxes 4-5 and bookshelf.  

This subseries includes a selection of writings from the late 19th century to the 20th century, covering subjects such as Latin, Greek, the author Dante, Socrates, John Milton, Joseph Addison, and Abraham Lincoln.  Other topics include the history of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Capitol; books about presidential inaugurations, art within the United States Capitol, the United States Bicentennial, and a biography on Harry Truman; the Public Papers of the Presidents (Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton); memorial services and eulogies of Isham G. Harris, John F. Kennedy, and Richard Nixon; the memoirs of George F. Dugger, Sr.; and books presented to Quillen from their authors regarding the American flag.  Local topics are also included in the subseries concerning the history of Virginia; the book Old Times in Tennessee;Tennessee election laws; a book on Kingsport as an industrial city; messages from the governors of Tennessee; and a biographical directory of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Subseries II, Magazines, 1967-2000, Box 5.

This subseries mostly includes the United States Publication Congressional Record.  These include Quillen’s speech in the U.S. House of Representatives “Our Flag-If It Is Worth Dying For-It Is Worth Protecting” and speeches given in honor of Quillen.  The subseries also consists of the Veterans of Foreign War Magazine, featuring a story on Quillen’s efforts to acquire a gravestone for a war veteran, and the publication The Volunteer Spirit of ’76: The Bicentennial in Tennessee.

The subseries are arranged separately.  Each are organized alphabetically by author and, if there was no author, by title, then arranged chronologically.

Series VI, Artifacts, 1969-1989 and undated, Boxes 6-8, Oversized Folder 4.

This series consists of a variety of artifacts: campaign buttons from the Reagan-Bush and Bush-Quayle campaigns; inauguration buttons commemorating the 51st inauguration with President George H.W. Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle; items presented to Quillen, including an elephant cross-stitch and leather wallet; Quillen campaign license plate and posters; a James H. Quillen bookmark; a banner used during his campaign for banning flag desecration; and various memorabilia, such as a plaque containing a piece of plywood from Resurrection City, U.S.A., a pillow from the James H. Quillen Regional Heart Center at Holston Valley Medical Center, a coin pressed for the Tennessee Homecoming ’86, and hats from Kingsport’s Lions International.  The series also includes a pewter cup with Quillen’s initials; a glass plate commemorating the first moon walk in 1969; a ceramic plate with James H. Quillen, Congressman; a candlestick phone presented to Quillen by the Sullivan County Republican Organization; and two cases with gavels and sound blocks presented to Quillen for his service on the House Rules Committee.

The series is arranged by format and title where available.




Series I, Subject Files, 1937-1988 and undated, Box 1, Oversized Folder 1.


Box 1


  1. AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) 1994 Voting Record, 103rd Congress, 2nd  Session, 1994.
  2. Biographical Data: James Henry Quillen, April      1996.
  3. Business Cards: James H. Quillen, State Representative for Sullivan and Hawkins Counties, undated.
  4. Campaign Cards: James H. “Jimmy” Quillen for Congress, 1962.
  5. “The Cecile Cox Quillen Chair of Medicine,East Tennessee State University” Booklet, undated. (3 copies)
  6. Correspondence: Dale M. Quillen to James H.  Quillen, September 25, 1997.
  7. Flyer: Governor Ronald Reagan at Dobyns-Bennet High School with Roy Acuff, October 23, 1980.
  8. Correspondence:Washington College Academy, Letters regarding the establishment of James H. Quillen Student Scholarship Fund, August-September 1983.
  9. Inauguration Invitation and Calendar of Public Events: Clinton and Gore, c. 1993.
  10. Inauguration Materials: Eisenhower and Nixon, c. 1957.
  11. Invitation: ‘Pre-Game Snack at the Nicely’s Shack,’ Vanderbilt v.Tennessee in Nashville,TN,December 1, 1950.
  12. King College Annual Report, 1997. (2 copies)
  13. Menu:U.S.House of Representatives Members’ Dining Room, undated.
  14. Muster Roll of the Crew of the U.S.S. Antietam, March 31, 1945. Folder 1 of 2.
  15. Muster Roll of the Crew of the U.S.S. Antietam, March 31, 1945. Folder 1 of 2.
  16. Newspaper Articles and Supplements, 1986-1998.
  17. Press Release and Statement: ‘Quillen will not seek re-election,’ April 10, 1996.
  18. Tickets: Return Admission to Mayflower and Statler Hotles and General Admittance Ticket to 1957 inauguration ceremonies, 1957 and undated.


Oversized Folder 1

a. Map: Mason Dixon, The Quality LTL Carrier, Map of Operations

b. Newspaper and Supplements:

The Kingsport Mirror, May 9, 1937

The Kingsport Mirror: Sunday Pictorial Supplement, August 8, 22 and September 5, 1937

Star: A Special Supplement in Honor of James H. Quillen, October 27, 1996.

James H. Quillen: The People’s Congressman, November 3, 1996.


Series II, Awards and Honors, 1949-2000 and undated, Boxes 1-2, Oversized Folder 2.


Box 1


  1. American Legion Certificate, 34 years of service,  September 16, 1996.
  2. American Legion 50th Anniversary Medallions and Name Plate, 1969.
  3. American Legion “10 consecutive years” card and  “10” star patch, March 2, 1955.


Box 2


  1. American National Red Cross Citation, 1949.
  2. Food Distribution Industry Thomas Jefferson Award  to James H. Quillen, 1994.
  3. Hawkins County,Tenn. Industrial Development Board Plaque, May 29, 1987.
  4. Kingsport Public Library and Archives: Invitation to the dedication of the James H. Quillen Reading Room, October 8, 1997.
  5. Lions Club International Certificate and charm, 50 year charter monarch, undated.
  6. Renaming ceremony: Mountain Home Department of  Veterans Affairs to James H. Quillen Department of Veterans Affairs, February 7, 1997.
  7. The World Premier of Gospel Music Plaque and Name Tag, September 1, 1997.


Oversized Folder 2

a. International Star Registry for Congressman James H. Quillen, January 11, 1994.

b.Mount   Carmel,Tenn.: Certificate and Letter recognizing James H. Quillen as Honorary Mayor, November 16, 2000.

c. State of Tennessee: Letter and Certificate of re-election as U.S. Representative from the 1st District, November 8 and December 16, 1988.

d. State of Tennessee, House of Representatives: House Joint Resolution No. 377: Recognize and honor Quillen on the occasion of his 80th birthday, January 22, 1996.

e. State ofTennessee, House of Representatives: House Joint Resolution No. 308: honoring the City of Kingsport“Chipping of the Green” Recycling program and letter from Clean Kingsport, May 26 and June 10, 1996.


Series III, Photographs, 1962-1997 and undated, Box 2 and Oversized Folder 3.


Box 2


  1. 4×6 Photographs, 1964, 1971, and undated.

a. James H. and Cecile Quillen with President Richard Nixon, August 1, 1964.

b. Cecile Quillen with Pat Nixon, 1971.

c. Young James H. Quillen, undated.

d. Quillen with campaign signs and unknown individual, undated.

  1. 7×5 Photographs, October 1, 1997.

a. Osteoporosis Center Ribbon-cutting at the Cecile Quillen Chair of Excellence VA/MED School.

  1. 7×9 Photographs, 1986, 1990, and undated.

a.U.S.House of Representatives Republican Leadership, 1986.

b.U.S.House of Representatives Republican Leadership, 1990.

c. Quillen and others signing legislation, undated.

d. Quillen with General Norman Schwarzkopf, undated.

e. Jim and Cecile Quillen, undated.

  1. 8×10 Photographs
  1. Quillen speaking at his campaign headquarters in Kingsport(photographed by Louie T. Kesterson, Jr.), 1962.
  2. Quillen and Malcom Toon, September 1973.
  3. James and Cecile Quillen at the dedication of the James H. Quillen Regional Heart Center of Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center, 1994.

d. Quillen speaking at Bob Dole campaign rally, 1996.

e. Congressman B. Carroll Reece and Jimmy Quillen, undated.

f. Quillen at an Open Door Session, undated.

g. President Richard Nixon, Quillen, and others on Air Force One, undated.

h. Quillen and President Richard Nixon, undated.

i. President Gerald Ford addressing Congress, undated.

j. Quillen and others meeting with President Jimmy Carter, undated.

k. President Ronald Reagan, Quillen, Congressman Harold Ford, and Congressman and Mrs. John Duncan, undated.

l. Quillen meeting with President Ronald Reagan and Vice-President George Bush, Sr., undated.

m. Quillen and President Ronald Reagan, undated.

n. James H. Quillen and Cecile Quillen, undated.

  1. Photographic Booklet: The 146th Annual Commencement Ceremony honoring James H. Quillen with the honorary Doctor of Letters, May 10, 1997.
  2. Scrapbook: The Campaign for King College, February 24, 1995.
  3. Scrapbook: Wedding of unknown individuals, undated.


On Display (16×20)

  • USNS Kingsport, Underway at Sea, Official U.S. Navy Photo, October 15, 1963.
  • USNS Kingsport, Official U.S. Navy Photo, undated.


Oversized Folder 3

a. Congressman Carroll Reece and Congressman James H. Quillen, c. 1950s.

b. State of the Union Message by President Gerald R. Ford, January 15, 1975.

c. Congressman James H. Quillen introduces Senator Dan Quayle, October 1988.

d. Renaming ceremony: James H. Quillen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, February 7, 1997.

e. Congressman James H. Quillen, undated.

f. President Harry S. Truman (1945-1952), undated.

g. Young James H. Quillen and unknown individual, undated.


Series IV, Audio and Video Tapes, 1968–1997 and undated, Box 3.


Box 3


  1. James H. Quillen Retirement Announcement, WJCW Radio, April 10, 1996
  2. “A Tribute to Jimmy Quillen” Conversations with Anne Pope, Part 1, November 19, 1996
  3. “A Tribute to Jimmy Quillen” Conversations with Anne Pope, Part 2, November 26, 1996
  4. East Tennessee State University Honors Jimmy Quillen, Renaming Ceremony for the James H. Quillen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, February 7, 1996
  5. Osteoporosis Center Dedication, October 1, 1997



  1. James Quillen Interview, WLFG-TV, 1968
  2. News Feature: Vice President Qualye’s visit to the Tri-Cities, March 4, 1992
  3. Tennesseans for Thompson “The Bigger The Challenge, The Taller He Stands,” July 1, 1994
  4. Alexander for President, June 14, 1995
  5. Carson-Newman College Honors James Quillen, May 10, 1997
  6. Citizen’s Grand Celebration, James H. Quillen Day, January 18, 1997
  7. James H. Quillen Honors Dinner for ETSU, ETSU Foundation, and Veterans Affairs, February 7, 1997
  8. James H. Quillen,Regional Heart Center,Holston Valley Hospital, undated
  9. “The U.S. Congress and You,” Rep. Sundquist, undated


Series V, Publications, 1800s-2000, Boxes 4-5 and bookshelf


Subseries 1, Books, 1800s-1996, Boxes 4-5 and bookshelf.


Box 4


  1. Anthon, Charles. Xenophon’s Memorabilia of Socrates, 1848.
  2. Constitutions, c. 1800s.
  3. Carrasco, Tino. This Church Was Not Meant For Your Type of People, undated.
  4. Dante (Alighieri). Il Paradiso, 1889.
  5. Entick’s Dictionary English-Latin and Tyronis Thesaurus Latin-English, 1817.      (Fragile)
  6. Honorable W. P. Brownlow in Congress and newspaper article “Mountain Home Celebrates 75th Year,” 1905 and October 15, 1978.
  7. Manual of the First Church, Trinitarian Congregation, Malden, Mass., 1889.


Box 5


  1. Murray’s Reader, c. 1800s.
  2. Schuller, Robert. I am the American Flag,      1972.
  3. Smithey, Royall Bascom. History of Virginia, 1898.


On shelf

  • Andrist, Ralph. American Century, 1972. (in circulation)
  • Biographical Directory of the Tennessee General Assembly, Volumes 1 through 5 (1796-1971).
  • Compilation of Works of Art and Other Objects in the United States Capitol (88th Congress, 2nd Session), 1965.
  • Graves, Frank Pierrepont and Edward Southworth Hawes. A First Book in Greek, 1895.
  • Guild, Jo. C. Old Times in Tennessee, 1878, reprinted 1971.
  • History of the United States House of Representatives, 1789-1994 (103rd, 2nd Session), 1994.
  • The Inauguration Story, 1789-1969, 1969. (2 copies)
  • Kingsport, Tennessee: A Modern American City-Developed Through Industry, 1962. (Archives Stacks)
  • Macaulay’s Essays of Milton and Addison, 1920.
  • Memorial Addresses in the Congress of the United States and Tributes in Eulogy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1964. (3 copies)
  • Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Isham G. Harris, March 24-June 18, 1898 (55th Congress, 2nd Session), 1898.
  • Memorial Services in the Congress of the United States and Tributes in Eulogy of Richard M. Nixon (103rd Congress, 2nd Session), 1996.
  • Memoirs and Historical Notes of George F. Dugger, Sr. (in thePalmerRoom)
  •  “A New Spirit, A New Commitment, A New America”: The Inauguration of President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter F. Mondale, 1977.
  • Palgrave, Francis T. The Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics, 1919.
  • Selections from the Writings of Abraham Lincoln, 1922.
  • Tennessee Election Laws, 1991 edition.
  • Tributes to Honorable Gerald R. Ford, President of the United States (95th Congress, 1st Session), 1977.
  • Harry S. Truman: A Pictorial Biography, 1968. (in circulation)
  • 200 Years: A Bicentennial Illustrated History of the United States, Volumes 1 and 2, 1975.
  • We, the People: The Story of the United   States Capitol, Its Past and Its Promise, 1966.
  • White, Robert H. Messages of the Governors of Tennessee. Volume 6 (1869-1883) and Volume 8 (1899-1907). (2 copies of volume 6).
  • Public Papers of the Presidents:
    • § Harry S. Truman, 8 volumes, 1945-1953.
    • § Dwight D. Eisenhower, 8 volumes, 1953-1961.
    • § John F. Kennedy, 3 volumes, 1961-1963.
    • § Lyndon B. Johnson, 9 volumes, 1963-1969.
    • § Richard M. Nixon, 3 volumes, 1969-1971.
    • § William J. Clinton, Volume 2, August 1-December 1994.


Subseries 2, Magazines, 1967-2000, Box 5.


Box 5


  1. Congressional Record, vol. 113, no. 32 (90th Congress, 1st  Session), March 1, 1967. (8 copies)
  2. Congressional Record, “Our Flag-If It Is Worth Dying For-It Is Worth Protecting,” (90th Congress, 1st Session), June 20, 1967 (4 copies)
  3. Congressional Record, vol. 142, no. 128 (104th Congress, 2nd Session), September 17, 1996.
  4. Congressional Record, vol. 146, no. 83 (106th Congress, 2nd  Session), June 27, 2000.
  5. Veterans of Foreign Wars Magazine, May 1973. (2 copies)
  6. The Volunteer Spirit of ’76: The Bicentennial in Tennessee, c. 1976.


Series VI, Artifacts, 1969-1989 and undated, Boxes 6-8, Oversized Folder 4.


Box 6


  1. Bookmark:United States Congress, James H. Quillen, 1989.
  1. Button: “George to George,” Tennessee Inaugural Ball, 1989.
  1. Buttons: 51st Inauguration, Bush-Quayle (2 buttons), January 20, 1989.
  2. Button: Inauguration Day, George Bush and Barbara Bush, January 20, 1989.
  3. Buttons: Miscellaneous (1984 Republican Convention, Winfield Dunn, and Navy), 1984 and undated.
  4. Buttons: Quillen Campaign (2 Quillen and 1 Re-elect Quillen), undated.
  5. Buttons: Reagan-Bush Campaign, 1984. (8 buttons)
  6. Coin and booklet:Tennessee Homecoming ’86, 1986.
  7. Elephant cross-stitch from Ruth Harris to Quillen, 1974.
  8. Hats: Lions International, “There is Only One Kingsport,” undated. (2 hats)
  9. License Plate: Re-Elect Quillen to Congress, undated.
  10. Resurrection City,U.S.A.Plaque, 1999.


Box 7

  1. Candlestick phone: Presented to James H. Quillen by the Sullivan County Republican Organization, November 2, 1972.
  2. Ceramic plate: United States Congress, James H. Quillen, Congressman, undated.
  3. Glass plate commemorating the first moon walk, July 1969.
  4. Leather Wallet: stamped with James H. Quillen (J.H.Q.), elephant, and GOP, undated.
  5. Pewter cup stamped with Quillen’s initials (J.H.Q.), undated.
  6. Pillow: James H. Quillen Regional Heart Center at Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center, undated.


Box 8

  1. Red Leather Case with Gavel and Sound block: House Rules Committee G.O.P. Chairman Emeritus, Honorable Jimmy Quillen, undated.
  2. Wood Case with Gavel and Sound block: Hon. James H. Quillen M.C., Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Rules, undated.


Oversized Folder 4

Campaign Posters: Re-Elect Jimmy Quillen, “Everybody’s Congressmen,” undated. (2 posters)


Oversized storage

Banner: “Our Flag…it is worth dying for…it is worth protecting,” undated.