James M. Welch Collection, 1938-1986 and undated


Title: James M. Welch Collection

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 388

Physical Description: 6 Boxes

Creator: James M. Welch

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport



Provenance: The James M. Welch Collection was found in the archives in 2008. The provenance is unknown.

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Processed by: The collection was processed and opened for research by Brianne Johnson in October 2008.



This collection should be cited as:

James M. Welch Collection, 1938-1986 and undated. KC Manuscript Collection 388, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.



James M. (Jim) Welch, born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, graduated from McKenzieCollege before relocating to Kingsport. Mr. Welch retired from Eastman in 1981 after more than 38 years of service. Welch served as president of Appalachian Management Assistance from 1981 to the time of his death. Welch also served as a past president of East Tennessee State University Foundation, president of Kingsport College Foundation, and past president and member of the board of directors of the Kingsport Symphony Orchestra Association.


Mr. Welch was a member of the Appalachian Council of the Arts, Kiwanis Club of Kingsport and he was a life member of the Kingsport Jaycees. He was an honorary alumnus of ETSU, having received the ETSU award for the individual making the greatest contribution to the KingsportUniversityCenter. He also received the American Legion Distinguished Service Award and was Sullivan County Chairman for nine years for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. In 1956, he served as Tennessee Chairman for the March of Dimes and was named Kingsport’s Young Man of the Year in 1948. In 1967, Welch received the Kingsport Times-News Award for Community Service.


James M. Welch died in July 1986.



The James M. Welch Collection contains scrapbooks, photographs, and miscellaneous items relating to Welch’s involvement in a number of organizations. The collection includes several issues of “The Champion,” a newsletter produced by Avondale GraceMethodistChurch in Chattanooga, Tennessee where Welch was a member. Also included in the collection is information on renovations to the FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch in Kingsport. The collection includes a number of awards, certificates, and plaques presented to James Welch.




1. Certificates and Awards, 1948-1979

2. “The Champion,” September 1940

3. “The Champion,” June 1941

4. “The Champion,” July 1942

5. “The Champion,” August 1942

6. “The Champion,” September 1942

7. “The Champion,” October 1942

8. “The Champion,” February 1943

9. “The Champion,” March 1943

10. “The Champion,” April 1943

11. “The Champion,” May 1943

12. “The Champion,” June 1943

13. “The Champion,” July 1943

14. “The Champion,” August 1943

15. “The Champion,” September 1943

16. “The Champion,” October 1943

17. “The Champion,” November 1943

18. “The Champion,” December 1943

19. “The Champion,” January 1944

20. “The Champion,” February 1944

21. “The Champion,” March 1944

22. “The Champion,” April 1944

23. “The Champion,” May 1944

24. “The Champion,” June 1944




1. “The Champion,” July 1944

2. “The Champion,” August 1944

3. “The Champion,” September 1944

4. “The Champion,” October 1944

5. “The Champion,” November 1944

6. “The Champion,” December 1944

7. “The Champion,” January 1945

8. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, architecture and construction, 1956-1970

9. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, blueprint of proposed additions, 1967

10. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, building committee, 1966-1970 (1 of 2)

11. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, building committee, 1966-1970 (2 of 2)




1. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, finance committee, 1960-1970

2. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, model of church, 1967-1968

3. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, opening committee, 1970

4. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, progress reports, 1969-1970

5. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, service of dedication program, October 3, 1976

6. FirstBroadStreetUnitedMethodistChurch, study committees, 1967-1968

7. First Broad   Street United MethodistChurch, Sunday School, 1966-1967

8. Jaycees and Jaycettes, 1946-1980

9. March of Dimes, 1955-1956

10. Miami Beach, Florida, key to the city (presented to Jim Welch), undated

11. Photographs, 1946-1978 and undated (1 of 2)

12. Photographs, 1946-1978 and undated (2 of 2)

13. Political writings, 1943 and undated

14. Rotary Club, 1985

15. Tennessee Eastman Corporation, “The First Twenty Five Years,” March 15, 1947

16. World Series Souvenir Program, Cardinals versus Yankees, 1942



1. Scrapbook, 1938-1945

2. Scrapbook, 1939-1955

3. Scrapbook, 1947-1956



  1. Certificate, ETSU, 1982
  2. Certificate, Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, 1971
  3. Certificate, certificate, Kingsport Junior Chamber of Commerce
  4. Certificate, KingsportUniversityCenter, 1971
  5. Certificate, resolution in memory of, November 11, 1986
  6. Certificate, Santa Helpers Club, undated
  7. Framed photo, McCune-Welch Hall, KingsportUniversityCenter, undated
  8. Metal Sign, newspaper article, June 18, 1981
  9. Plaque, certificate of appreciation, March of Dimes, 1956
  10. Plaque, ETSU Honorary Alumnus, 1979
  11. Plaque, Past President award, Kingsport Girls Club, 1976-1978
  12. Plaque, President of ETSU Foundation, 1980-1981
  13. Salvation Army advisory boards, undated
  14. United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, first place: membership and personnel, 1947-1948