Kingsport Archive of History and Friends of the Archives Collection, 1964-present

KC Manuscript Collection 34


Title: Kingsport Archive of History and Friends of the Archives Collection

Collection Number:Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 34

Physical Description: 2 linear feet (4 boxes)

Creator: Kingsport Archive of History and Friends of the Archives

Repository: Archives of the City ofKingsport


Provenance: The collection is an ongoing collection with materials being donated by members of the Friends of the Archives and by the Archivist on staff.

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: Marshall Galloway processed the collection in 2005 and 2006. Brianne Johnson reprocessed the collection and developed the finding aid in November 2008.


This collection should be cited as:

Kingsport Archive of History and Friends of the Archives Collection, 1964-Present. KC Manuscript Collection 34, Archives of the City ofKingsport,Tennessee.

The Kingsport Archive of History came into being in 1982, the realized dream of Thomas McNeer Jr. who tirelessly worked to create a repository for photographs and documents relating to Kingsport’s history. In 1994, the Kingsport Archive of History became The Archives of the City of Kingsport, a division of the city government within the Kingsport Public Library and Archives. It was decided that a name of the organization that supported the archives should be changed to The Friends of the Archives of the City ofKingsport.

The Kingsport Archive of History and Friends of the Kingsport Archives Collection contains manuscripts relating to both the earlier and later organizations. The Kingsport Archive of History portion of the collection, dating from 1982 until the death of the Archive’s principal founder, Thomas McNeer Jr., in 1991 consists of many of McNeer’s personal ideas for the Archive as well as correspondence, administrative, and outreach related documents. The second portion of the collection deals with the period of the Archive’s history beginning in 1994. The “Friends” portion of the collection contains a variety of materials including correspondence, administrative, and outreach related documents. The remainder of the collection consists of newspaper clippings pertaining to the history ofKingsport and the growth of the Archives, information about variousKingsport organizations peripheral to the Archives, and miscellaneous documents relating to McNeer and the Archives.


 BOX 1

1. Annual Reports, 1995-1997

2. Archivist Reports, 1994-2002

3. Articles of Incorporation and Charter, 1982-1996

4. Board of Directors, 1996- Present

5. By-Laws and Board Policies, 1980s-2008

6. Correspondence, 1981-1991

7. Correspondence, 1992-2001

8. Events, 1996-2004

9. Fun Fest, 1986

10. Fun Fest, 1987-1988

11. Fun Fest, 1989

12. Fun Fest, 1990

13. Fun Fest, 1991

14. Fun Fest, 1995-2004


1. “Images ofAmerica:Kingsport,” undated

2. Internship, 1997-1999

3. John H. Thweatt Archival Advancement Award, 2001

4.Kingsport” A Photographic Retrospective, 1986

5. Letterhead for Kingsport Archive of History, undated

6. McNeer, Thomas, Jr., awards, events, and photographs, 1964-1989 and undated

7. McNeer, Thomas, Jr., Handwritten notes on early plans and organization, 1983-1989

8. Membership, mid 1980s-1990

9. Membership Journal, 1983-1991

10. Membership, 1990-present


1. Minutes, 1982-1993 (1 of 2)

2. Minutes, 1982-1993 (2 of 2)

3. Minutes, 1994-2005

4. Minutes, 2008-




1. Newsletters, 1994-2002

2. Newspaper clippings, 1982-2005

3. Proposed relocation of archives, 1999-2000

4. Stamp, undated

5. Treasurer’s reports and finance committee documents, 1983-2000

6. Treasurer’s report and finance committee documents, 2001-2006

7. Treasurers’ Reports, 2008-

8. Tennessee Department of Revenue, Sales and Use Tax Exemption, 1987

9. Tennessee Corporation Receipt and Annual Reports, 1983-1993