Essie Pfaff Collection, 1925-1953

KC Manuscript Collection 35

The Essie Pfaff collection contains a variety of publications concerning the history of Kingsport, Tennessee.  The pamphlets, maps, and booklets were produced by many sources including Reader’s Digest, the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations.  Additionally, there is a Christmas card with a picture of the first Kingsport Country Club.

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This collection should be cited as:

Essie Pfaff Collection, 1925-1953.  KC Manuscript Collection 35, Archives of the City of Kingsport,Tennessee.

Brian Wilson processed the collection in 2004.
Jeff A. Jenson finished processing the collection and developed the finding aid in January 2006.Revisions to the finding aid were done by Brianne Johnson in May 2008.



Kingsport(Tenn.) History.

Kingsport(Tenn.) Maps.

Holston Valley Community Hospital.


1. 1st Kingsport Country Club,Pineola   St., undated

2. “A Town that Planned for Peace,” The Reader’s Digest, March 1946

3.Holston Valley Community Hospital, “Program of the Opening Exercises,” 10 May 1952

4. Kingsport Nurseries, “Catalog of the Kingsport Nurseries,” undated

5. “Kingsport Tennessee: Founded for a Purpose, Built According to Plan—and Patterned in the American Tradition,” 1948 and 1953

6.Kingsport Utilities, “Electric Service Review,” Summer 1950

7. “Kingsport,Tennessee: An American City,” mid 1940s

8. “Kingsport,Tennessee” by Oliver Taylor, undated

9. Maps and Guides to Kingsport, 1940s and 1950s

10. Municipal Planning Commission, “Planning for Kingsport,” May 1943

11. “Some Facts about Kingsport,Tenn.,” 26 May 1925

12. “The Story of a City” by Robert St. John, 1944 (six copies)