Kingsport Public Library Commission Papers, 1929-Ongoing

Kingsport Public Library Commission Papers


KM Manuscript Collection 10

Archives of the City of Kingsport
Kingsport, Tennessee

The Kingsport Public Library Commission Papers consist primarily of minutes and agendas.  Some correspondence, policies, annual and departmental reports, statistics, budgets, and newspaper clippings are included.  This includes information concerning collection size and circulation along with some material on the start of theDouglasSchool library branch during the 1930s.  The collection is largely inclusive but some dates are missing especially in the late 1980s.

Historical NOTE:
The Kingsport Public Library grew out of a private reading club organized in 1921.  The community’s library started in 1929 when 6000 books were given to the city by the reading club.  The City ofKingsport has overseen and funded the library since 1929.  Previously, facilities, wages, and collections were supported largely by the Kingsport Book Club.  It was during the 1930s that the library board decided to fund a collection for the area’s non-white population.  This collection was housed at theDouglasSchool, and it held 3,024 volumes by the end of 1947.  The central library’s Children’s Department was started September 1958.

Information obtained from the collection.

The majority of this collection consists of minutes and related materials.  Agendas were not normally issued prior to the 1960s but are common with materials from the 1970s forward.  Generally, when both agendas and minutes are included, the minutes for a given month follow the next month’s agenda.

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KingsportPublic Library Commission Papers, 1929-Ongoing. KM Manuscript Collection 10, Archives of the City ofKingsport,Tennessee.

The Kingsport Public Library has transferred portions of this collection to the archives on various occasions.  New materials are added on a monthly basis.

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KingsportPublic Library Commission.

KingsportPublic Library.

Libraries–policies and procedures.



1. Minutes, 9 May 1929-1934

2. Minutes, 1935-1939

3. Minutes, 1940-1948

4. Minutes, 1949-1958

5. Minutes, 1959-May 1960

6. Minutes, June 1960-May 1961

7. Minutes, June-December 1961

8. Minutes, 1962

9. Minutes, January-September 1963

10. Minutes, October 1963-1964

11. Minutes, 1965

12. Minutes, 1966-1967

13. Minutes, 1968-1969

14. Minutes, 1970-1971

15. Minutes, 1972-July 1974

16. Minutes, August 1974-1976

17. Minutes, 1977-1980

18. Minutes, 1981-1984

19. Minutes, 1985-1986



1. General Policies, 1965-1985

2. Minutes, 1987, September 1993, and 1994

3. Minutes, 1995

4. Minutes, 1996

5. Minutes, 1997

6. Minutes, 1998

7. Minutes, 1999

8. Minutes, 2000

9. Minutes, 2001

10. Minutes, 2002

11. Minutes, 2003

12. Minutes, 2004

13. Minutes, 2005

14 a. Minutes, 2006

b. General Policies, undated

15. Library Expansion and Dedication, Genevieve Shivell Children’s Library, 1985-1986

16. Minutes, 2007

17. Minutes, 2008

18. Minutes, 2009

19. Minutes, 2010

20. Minutes, 2011

21. Minutes, 2012

22. Minutes, 2013