Photograph Compilation Collection, 1909-1983 and undated

KC Manuscript Collection 249

Title: Photograph Compilation Collection

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 249

Physical Description: 6 boxes

Creator: Various

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport

Provenance: The donor of this collection is unknown. It appears that there were several donors and that this collection was complied by previous archivists.

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: The collection was previously processed by archives staff and was reprocessed by Brianne Wright and opened for research in May 2011.

This collection should be cited as:

Photograph Compilation Collection 1909-1983 and undated. KC Manuscript Collection 249, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

This collection contains various photographs and negatives that have been compiled by previous archives staff. Many of the images appear to have been used in the creation of Images of America: Kingsport by Martha Egan and Nellie McNeil. Box one contains donor control numbers and files. These have not been processed or put in order. Boxes 2-5 contain photographic prints. They are arranged in alphabetical order by subject. Box 6 consists of negatives that are arranged in alphabetical order by subject.

*control number files

BOX 2  (Photographs)
1. Aerial, 1946- 1966 and undated (14 photos)
2. Allandale, undated (8 photos)
3. Automotive, 1939 and undated (5 photos)
a. Allen’s Garage, undated
b. Fain Motor Company undated
c. Holston Auto Supply Company, undated
d. Latimer-Looney, 1939
e. Sinclair Service Station, undated
4. Bands, undated (3 photos)
a. Kingsport Concert Band, undated
b. Kingsport Symphony Orchestra, undated
c. W. B. Greene, undated
5. Banks, 1909, 1930 and undated (3 photos)
a. First National Bank, 1930
b. Home of Kingsport’s First Bank, 1909
c. Kingsport National Bank, undated
6. Businesses, 1935, c. 1950 and undated ( 9 photos)
a. Acorn Department Store and Cincinnati Bargain Store, undated
b. A.K. Motor Sales, undated
c. Broadstreet Furniture Company, undated
d. Dobyns-Taylor, undated
e. Homeland Furniture, c. 1950
f. Merry Garden, undated
g. Palace, undated
h. Putt-Putt Golf Course, undated
i. S.H. Kress and Company, 1935
7. Church Circle and Churches, 1939-1946 (26 photos)
8. Civic Auditorium, 1970 and undated (2 photos)
9. Clinchfield Railroad Depot, 1910-1946 (9 photos)
10. Dobyns-Bennett High School, 1962 and undated (14 photos)
11. Dobyns-Bennett High School, athletic fields and cheerleaders, 1920-1940 and undated (6 photos)
12. Dobyns-Bennett High School Baseball Team, 1935, 1940 (2 photos)
13. Dobyns-Bennett High School Basketball Team, 1919-1935 and undated (7 photos)
14. Dobyns-Bennett High School Football Team, 1921-1942 and undated (11 photos)
15. Downtown, 1916-1918
16. Frank and Mack, undated (2 photos)
17. Holston Valley Medical Hospital, 1948 (1 photo)
18. Homestead Hotel, undated (3 photos)
19. Industry, 1925-1957 and undated (25 photos)
20. J. Fred Johnson and Company, 1913-1938 (6 photos)
21. Kingsport Inn, 1930, 1946 (2 photos)
22. Kingsport Public Library and Utilities Building, undated (11 photos)
23. Miscellaneous, 1931-1948 (26 photos)
24. Miscellaneous, groups of people, undated (11 photos)
25. Miscellaneous, candid shots of students, (26 photos)

BOX 3 (Photographs)
1. Netherland Inn, undated (10 photos)
2. Parades, undated (10 photos)
3. Police and Fire Department, 1959 and undated (4 photos)
4. Portraits, A-D, undated (16 photos)
a. S.H. Anderson, Sr.
b. G.D. Black
c. Ben M. Brown
d. Ben M. Brown
e. Glen Bruce
f. ? Breshear
g. Wallace Boyd
h. Ben Carson
i. George L. Carter
j. H.E.P. Clifford
k. Frank Cloud
l. John B. Dennis
m. Milton DeVault
n. Flem Dobyns
o. J.W. Dobyns
p. Allan Dryden, Sr.
5. Portraits, E-L, 1932-1936 and undated (12 photos)
a. C.P. Edwards, Jr.
b. ? Ellis
c. ? Figg
d. Dr. Victor Freels
e. Harold E. Howden
f. J. Fred Johnson
g. E. Ward King
h. E. Ward King in Mason-Dixon office
i. C.K. Koffman
j. Dr. Elery Lay
k. Mayor Lingen
l. Howard Long
6. Portraits, M-R, c. 1933 and undated (8 photos)
a. George Mc?
b. M. R. McCorkle, Jr.
c. John S. McLellan, Sr.
d. Dr. R. P. Moss
e. Colonel E.W. Palmer
f. Colonel E.W. Palmer with unidentified man
g. Dr. William Payne
h. Dr. W.H. Reed
7. Portraits, S-Y, 1949 and undated (15 photos)
a. H.J. Shivell and Miss Summers, 1949
b. H. J. Shivell and James C. White, 1949
c. H. J. Shivell
d. William Still
e. Herbert G. Stone
f. J.C. Stone
g. J. C. Stone
h. Triebe
i. James C. Wright
j. James C. Wright
k. Perley Wilcox
l. Perley Wilcox
m. S.T. Witt
n. ? Wright
o. Howard Young
8. Portraits, Kingsport Families, 1906-1964 and undated (7 photos)
9. Portraits, unidentified, undated (8 photos)

BOX 4 (Photographs)
1. Postcards, undated (2 postcards)
2. Ridgefields, 1948 (10 photos)
3. River Ferry Service, c. 1918 (1 photo)
4. Riverview Hospital, undated (1 photo)
5. Rotherwood, undated (13 photos)
6. Schools, c. 1910-1962 and undated (24 photos)
7. Street Scenes, 1914-1962 and undated (40 photos)
8. Tennessee Eastman Company, 1952 (3 photos)
9. Theater Groups, 1952 and undated (3 photos)
10. Tri-Cities Regional Airport, undated (13 photos)
11. White City, undated (8 photos)
12. YMCA/City Hall, c. 1919 (3 photos)

BOX 5 (Photographs)

  • A.T.A. National Truck Roadeo, 1953
  • Flatboat Adventure II, 1976
  • Kingsport High School, undated
  • Mead, undated
  • E.W. Palmer, undated
  • Rotherwood, undated
  • Rotherwood, undated
  • Bert Shanks, undated
  • Unidentified Class Reunion, 1977
  • Unidentified Students, undated

BOX 6 (negatives)
1. Aerials, 1939-1967 and undated
2. American Legion Carnival, 1940
3. American Legion Parade, 1936
4. Blountville Tavern and Deery Inn, 1941
5. Church Circle, c. 1929, c.1934 and undated
6. Churches. 1922-1927 and undated
7. Circus, undated
8. Civic Auditorium and Legion Pool, 1940 and 1946
9. Dobyns-Bennett High School, 1934-1935 and undated
10. Downtown Street Scenes and Businesses, various dates
11. Events, 1940-1947 and undated
12. First National Bank, c. 1925 and 1927
13. Frank and Mack Show, undated
14. Graduates Day Celebration, undated
15. Haney’s Place, undated
16. Homes around Kingsport, 1924 and 1930
17. Kingsport Press, 1927-1931 and undated
18. Mason and Dixon, undated
19. Miscellaneous, 1933, 1983 and undated
20. Netherland Inn, 1975-1976
21. Portraits, various dates
22. Post Office Employees, undated
23. Ridgefields, undated
24. Rotary Club, undated
25. Rotherwood, undated
26. Silver Lake, undated
27. Strand Theater, undated
28. Tri-Cities Airport, 1936 and undated
29. Unidentified, various dates
30. Washington Grade School, c. 1926