L. R. Ahern Collection,c.1700s-1971 and undated


Title: L. R. Ahern Collection, c.1700s-1971 and undated
Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 182
Physical Description: 6 boxes, 4 linear feet
Creator: L. R. Ahern
Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport


Provenance: The L. R. Ahern Collection was given by the Ahern heirs to Ms. Margy Clark who donated the materials to the Kingsport Library in the early 1990’s before the establishment of the Kingsport Archives. The materials were discovered by the archivist in 1994.

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: Initial processing of the collection was done by Erin Presley in 2001. Additional processing and development of the finding aid was done by Kate Lukach, archives assistant, in April 2008.

This collection should be cited as:

L. R. Ahern Collection, c.1700s-1971 and undated. KC Manuscript Collection 182, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Mr. L. R. Ahern, Jr. was an engineer employed at Tennessee Eastman Company. During his free time, Mr. Ahern conducted historical research on the history of Kingsport and the surrounding area. Mr. Ahern’s research led to the publication of “The Boatyard Store, 1814-1825” in the Tennessee Historical Quarterly (the article was co-written by R. F. Hunt, Jr. and appeared in the September issue in 1955). The bulk of Mr. Ahern’s work was completed in the 1950’s and was primarily concerned with area history during the nineteenth century.

The Ahern Collection includes copies of historical documents, maps, notes, correspondence, brochures, periodicals, and negatives and photographs. Some of the important subjects included are information about the Boat Yard District, Rotherwood, early industries, area churches, early families, and Carter/North Carolina Land Warrants. The collection is divided into two series: subject files and negatives and photographs.

Ahern, L. R., Jr.
Boat Yard District
Fort Loudon
Fort Robinson
Land Grants
Ross, Reverend F. A.


Series I, Subject Files, c.1700s-1971 and undated, box 1-4.
This series contains historical documents, maps, notes, correspondence, brochures, and periodicals. The folders are arranged alphabetically, with oversized content located in box 4.

Series II, Negatives and Photographs, c.1900-1967 and undated, box 5-6.
This series contains negatives and photographs of important buildings and locations in Kingsport. The negatives are arranged alphabetically and the photographs are in their original order.


Series I, Subject Files, c.1700s-1971 and undated, box 1-4.

Box 1
1.Ahern’s Personal Notes, 1700s-1800s, and new documents, 1950s
a.This section includes “to-do” notes, personal letters, obituary notices, and other miscellaneous effects of Mr. Ahern
2.Area Taverns, 1952
a.Notes on Hall’s Tavern
b.Photographs (4) of Hall’s Tavern
c.Notes on Redwine Tavern and Yancy Tavern
3.Birdwell and Wexler Families, c.1950s
a.Questions about Birdwell and Wexler families
b.Copies (2) of deed for Birdwell land on Kendrick’s Creek, dated 16 March 1814
c.Family of Benjamin Birdwell
d.Birdwell/Wexler family tree (2)
e.Copy of Birdwell/Wexler letter dated 10 February 1847 (copied by Ahern in January of 1953)
f.Brief note on Daniel Wexler and the Wexler Cemetery
g.“The Wexler Family” copied by Ahern on 15 November 1952 from the 1922 memoir of a member of the Wexler family
4.“The Boatyard Store” published in the Tennessee Historical Quarterly, September 1955
5.Carter/North Carolina Land Warrants, 1778-1794
a.Made by Ahern showing land grants from North Carolina in the Kingsport area (about 100 land warrants)
6.Copies of Carter Land Warrants and Ahern’s Notes, 1778-1794 (1 of 2)
a.Photostat and handwritten copies of Carter land Warrants (4 sets)
b.List of land bought and sold in Christianville and Old Kingsport from 1802-1819
c.Copies of grants from the State of North Carolina (6 sets)
7.Copies of Carter Land Warrants and Ahern’s Notes, c.1950s (2 of 2)
a.Records of North Carolina Land Grants
b.Miscellaneous notes from deeds and other papers at the Blountville Courthouse, March 3, 1956
c.Sullivan County Deed Books (handwritten copies of certain pages)
d.Property ownership records of Christianville
e.Deed Books (handwritten copies of pages having to do with Rossville and Christianville properties)
f.Notes from Deed Books “B,” Washington County, VA
g.Gilbert Christian’s Notes on property measurements (Reedy Creek, etc.)
h.Gilbert Christian’s first grant at the mouth of Reedy Creek (west of creek)
i.Gilbert Christian’s second grant at the mouth of Reedy Creek (east of creek)
j.Deed of Robert Christian to William King of Washington County, VA
k.Deed of Robert Christian to William King
l.Notes from Deed Book, involving Jacob Myers and Robert G. Netherland
m.Land grant signed Alex Martin (copy)
n.Letter from Hercules Dan Bire (copy)
o.Bill of Exchange to Walter Chambre Whitehaven
8.Correspondence, 1956-1961
a.Copy of letter from Mrs. Ellen Stuart of Abingdon, VA to Dr. Frank Gaines of Washington and Lee University concerning Edmund Pendleton, 25 July 1961; letter from Mrs. Stuart to Ahern concerning the Exchange Place Tavern, 16 January 1962
b.Letter from J. R. Hildebrand of Roanoke, VA to Ahern seeking information for a map of early Sullivan County; map of early Roanoke County attached, 19 May 1961
c.Letter from Mrs. Spurgeon Bell of Houston, TX to Ahern seeking information about her ancestors, the Crafts (Crofts), and the first Methodist Church in TN, 11 April 1961
d.Letter from Chester F. Lay of Trinity University to Ahern seeking information about the Lay/Trigg family, 2 September 1960
e.Letter from Louise Brock Murphy of Newtonia, MO to Ahern seeking information about the Ketterin, Beeler, Brock, and Erwin families, March 1958
f.Letter from J. L. Murray of El Paso, TX to Ahern seeking information about ancestors, 21 February 1958
g.Letter from Mrs. E. R. Harper of Santa Ana, CA to Ahern seeking information about Sullivan County and the Preston family, 2 January 1958
h.Letters from and about Mr. H. C. Christian of Chattanooga, TN and his interest in family history, August 1958
i.Letters from Florence Hudson of San Benito, TX to Ahern and his responses to her genealogical work, through 1956
j.Letters from James Phillips of Houston, TX to Ahern about the Pendleton family, through 1957
9.Correspondence: Colleges, Organizations, and Informants, 1952-1971
a.Copy of letter from Ahern to Yale University Press, 6 August 1952
b.Letter from Henry Fuller of Yale University Library to Ahern, 21 August 1952
c.Copy of Letter from Ahern to University of Maryland about William King, 29 February 1956
d.Letter from Wesley Gewehr, Chairman of University of Maryland’s History Department, to Ahern, 16 March 1956
e.Copy of letter from Ahern to History Department at UVA seeking assistance on dating a map of early Virginia, 22 September 1956
f.Memo from J. C. Wyllie of Alderman Library at UVA concerning Mr. Ahern’s map, 26 October 1956
g.Letter from Thomas Abernethy of UVA History Department in response of Ahern’s request for assistance, 29 October 1956
h.Copy of letter from Ahern to History Department at UVA concerning map of early Virginia, 30 October 1956
i.Copy of letter from Ahern to J. G. Bumgarner of American Zine Company seeking information about old maps, 28 May 1952
j.Copy of letter from Ahern to the Department of Archives and History of the State of North Carolina, 6 August 1952
k.Copy of letter from Ahern to the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers, 4 September 1952
l.Letter from E. T. Nettleton of the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers to Ahern, 14 November 1952
m.Letter from M. W. Stirling, Director of Ethnology at the Smithsonian Institution, to Ahern, 21 November 1952
n.Copy of letter from R. F. Hunt to Kingsport Utilities correcting inaccurate information, 16 February 1953
o.Copy of letter from Ahern to Editor of Kingsport Times-News about inaccurate advertisement information, 18 February 1953
p.Copy of letter from Ahern to Registrar of Deeds of Caroline County, Virginia, 23 February 1953
q.Letter from B. Clifford Boswell of Kingsport Junior Chamber of Commerce to Ahern, 28 January 1956
r.Copy of letter from Ahern to the Polaroid Corporation, 26 February 1956
s.Copy of letter from Ahern to Editor of Kingsport-Times News, 27 February 1956
t.Letter and memo from Francis Haber of the Maryland Historical Society to Ahern about William King, 7 June 1956
u.Copy of letter from Ahern to Haber, 5 October 1956
v.Copy of letter from Ahern to Rev. Edwin White concerning the records of the Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church, 11 March 1957
w.Letter from Rev. White to Ahern about records, 19 March 1957
x.Letter from Haber to Ahern about George Hale, 5 June 1957
y.Copies of letters between Colonel Brown and George Anderson concerning information about Ft. Patrick Henry, Avery Treaty, and Island Flats, 3 June 1952; 26 March 1953; 31 March 1953, 16 April 1953
z.Letters from Miss Inez Burns to Ahern about Blount County Records, 16 February 1952
aa.Correspondence between Ahern and Mrs. McCown about Carter Warrants, 1955-1956
bb.Letters between John Kelly of Haverford, Pennsylvania and Ahern about Gaines family, 1955-1956
cc.Copies of letters from Ahern to Miss May Lynn about Lynn family and the Old Presbyterian Church, 1953 and 1956
dd.Correspondence between “Duke” Anderson and Ahern; history of “Billy Rutledge and the Cobbs by Prentiss Price” attached, 1953 and 1955
ee.Copies of letters (2) from Ray Hunt to Anderson about David Crockett’s father, 1955
ff.Copy of letter from Prentiss Price to Hunt about Crockett family, 5 March 1955
gg.Copies of correspondence (6) between Paul Counce, Paul Elliot, and Hunt about historical maps, 1952-1953
hh.Letter from Paul Fink about Boat Yard, 7 March 1971
10.Correspondence: East Tennessee Historical Society, 1950-1963
a.Letter from Martha Ellison, Treasurer (ETHS), to Ahern concerning membership, 5 July 1950
b.Letter from Elizabeth Bowman, President (ETHS), to Ahern about joining a committee, 28 February 1955
c.Announcement from Bowman about a meting and reception featuring Dr. Joseph Parks, 23 September 1955
d.Announcement from Bowman about the 30th anniversary celebration for the ETHS, 28 December 1955
e.Copy of letter from Ahern to Dr. S. J. Folmsbee, Managing Editor of ETHS, concerning revisions to his paper about early Kingsport, 1 September 1956
f.Response from Folmsbee to Ahern concerning revisions and publication, 10 September 1956
g.Copy of letter from Ahern to Folmsbee concerning paper, 16 December 1956
h.Response from Folmsbee to Ahern about paper, 22 December 1956
i.Letter from R. C. d’Armand, President (ETHS), to Ahern about Marshall Wilson’s work with the Carter Land Warrants, 15 February 1963
j.Letter from Pollyanna Creekmore to Ahern concerning ethnology, etc., 10 July 1952
k.Letter from Creekmore to Ahern about Mr. Counce’s thesis, 21 July 1952
l.Copy of letter from Ahern to Creekmore in response to her trip to Kingsport area, 29 July 1952
m.Letter from Martha Ellison, in Creekmore’s absence, to Ahern about Counce’s thesis, 5 August 1952; follow-up note from Creekmore about thesis and map, 13 August 1952
n.Note from Creekmore to Ahern about microfilming minutes from the Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church and other historical documents, 27 February 1953
o.Response from Ahern concerning microfilming, 15 March 1953
p.Letter from Creekmore to Ahern about the Draper Manuscript, 16 July 1953
q.Copy of Letter from Ahern to Creekmore about the petition of 1787, dated 9 September 1953
r.Letter from Creekmore to Ahern about copying from the Carter Warrant Books, 22 September 1953
s.Copy of letter from Ahern to Creekmore about land warrants, 19 October 1953
t.Card from Creekmore announcing meeting, 28 January 1954
u.Copy of letter from Ahern asking for information before trip to Washington, 25 February 1954
v.Announcement of Society’s meeting in Dandridge, 30 April 1954
w.Letter from Creekmore to Ahern, 19 February 1955
x.Letter from Creekmore to Ahern concerning Carter warrants, etc., 31 March 1955
y.Announcement of meeting with the Chattanooga Area Historical Association, 29 April 1955
z.Letter from Creekmore about land warrants, 16 February 1956
aa.Copy of letter from Ahern about inviting people to a meeting, 8 March 1956
bb.Letter from Creekmore about discussing the land warrants, 12 March 1956
cc.Copy of letter from Ahern about meeting, 29 March 1956
dd.Copy of letter from Ahern about copying materials, 10 April 1956
ee.Letter from Creekmore about the Gaines’ letters, 16 April 1956
ff.Announcement for the Society’s annual spring meeting, 26 April 1956
gg.Announcement of October meeting featuring Dr. Thomas Alexander, 26 September 1956
hh.Letter from Creekmore about microfilming, 10 October 1956
ii.Copy of letter from Ahern concerning microfilming old land records, 30 October 1956
jj.Announcement of meeting with the Polk County Historical Association, 26 April 1957
kk.Copy of letter from Marshall Wilson to d’Armand about committee’s progress, 16 December 1962
ll.Copy of letter from R. C. d’Armand, President (ETHS), to Wilson about the committee working on the Carter land warrants, 15 February 1963
mm.Copy of letter from Creekmore to Wilson about the meeting of the committee, 18 February 1963
nn.Copy of letter from Prentiss Price to Wilson about Carter Warrants, 19 February 1963
oo.Copy of letter from Wilson to Ahern, Creekmore, and Price about Committee’s work, 22 February 1963
pp.Copy of letter from Wilson to Paul Fink about the committee’s work, 9 March 1963
11.Correspondence: Tennessee State Library and Archives, TVA, etc., 1952-1956
a.Letter from R. F. Hunt to Dr. Daniel Robinson about publication of Hunt’s and Ahern’s paper on the Boatyard Store, 26 October 1953
b.Copy of letter from Hunt to Alderson about publication of the Boatyard paper, 18 May 1954
c.Copy of letter from Hunt to Alderson about revisions to the Boatyard paper, 20 May 1955
d.Copy of Letter from George Anderson to Dr. Daniel Robinson about Hunt’s and Ahern’s paper, 20 October 1953
e.Copy of letter from Robinson to George Anderson about Ahern’s and Hunt’s paper, 27 October 1953
f.Letter from William T. Alderson, Assistant Editor of the Tennessee Historical Quarterly, to Hunt in reply to previous letter, 3 February 1954
g.Copy of letter from Ahern to Mr. Quarles requesting Photostat copies of the act to incorporate Kingsport in 1822, dated 30 March 1955
h.Letter from Dan Robinson to Ahern in response to request for copies, 27 April 1955
i.Copy of letter from Ahern to library concerning delay in previous request for copies, 20 March 1957
j.Response from Robinson to Ahern concerning copies, 28 March 1957
k.Letter from Walter Jordan, Senior Archivist, to Ahern concerning copies of petitions, 29 March 1957
l.Letter from Benton McKeehan, Engineer, to Ahern about aerial photographs, 28 October 1952
m.Letter from McKeehan to Ahern about aerial photographs, 2 May 1955
n.Copy of letter from Ahern to J. Porter Taylor, Director of Navigation and Local Flood Relations, about obtaining a copy of Taylor’s report on floods, 18 June 1956
o.Response from Taylor to Ahern concerning previous request, 3 July 1956
p.Letter from Robert Siler, Chief Area Planner, to Ahern concerning TVA reports, 3 July 1956
q.Copy of letter from Ahern to Taylor concerning Robert Fickle’s scrapbook, 13 July 1956
r.Copy of thank-you letter from Ahern to Siler for information, 13 July 1956
s.Letter from James Goddard, Chief of Local Flood Relations, to Ahern concerning Fickle’s scrapbook, 24 July 1956
12.Day Book of the Boatyard, c.1950s
a.Notes from the Hale Brothers’ Boatyard Store Journal (3 sets)
b.Entries from the day book of George Hale’s Store
c.Notes on transactions from George Hale’s Store at Boat Yard (7 sets)
d.Notes on Journal of Boat Yard Store, from 1820 to 1828
e.Hale, Henderson, and Beaty Agreements with Shipping Boats, copied on 16 February 1955
f.Negatives from the Boat Yard Day Book
13.Development of the Old Town of Kingsport, c.1950s
a.The Development of the Old Town of Kingsport with inserts of photocopied documents
b.Population of Kingsport and Sullivan County, census of 1850
c.Showalter Interview
d.Kingsport… Its History and Traditions, as related in a series of advertisements sponsored by Kingsport Utilities, Inc., 1960
e.The Origins and Development of the Boatyard and “Old” Kingsport
f.List of Names Submitted to the Kingsport Times-News in contest to determine who has lived longest within five miles of Kingsport, May 31, 1952
g.Newspaper clippings from old resident contest, April-May 1952

Box 2
1.Early Education, 1952-1954
a.“The Kingsport Public School, Kingsport, Tennessee: A Report Prepared by the Department of Rural Education, East Tennessee State Normal School, April 1915”
b.“Pioneer in Education,” paper about Miss Annie Mitchell by Margaret Butler of the Iota Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, December 1944 (copied by Ahern in 1952)
c.Notes on conversation with Miss Mitchell, 1952
d.Newspaper clippings about Miss Mitchell:
i.“Personality Sketch of Miss Anna Mitchell,” 26 February 1952
ii.“Miss Annie Lee Mitchell Fought Hard for 9-Month School Term” by Morris Rowe, 14 September 1961
iii.“Miss Annie’s Home Destroyed”
iv.“Over the Coffee Cup” by Dot Brimer
e.“A Brief Account of the Life and Work of Prof. Joseph H. Ketron, A. M.” by Albert C. Ketron
f.Correspondence with Ketron family
g.“Noted ET Educator Put Stress on Moral, Spiritual Training” by Charles V. Patton from “Patton’s Old Timer” in The Knoxville Journal, on 18 April 1954
h.“Story of Joseph H. Ketron Revives Interest in Noted ET Educator” by Patton from “Patton’s Old Timer” in The Knoxville Journal, on 2 May 1954
i.Copy of “A Circular” from 22 July 1879 about the Kingsport Academy
j.Article from NEA Journal from December 1955 about teachers
2.Early Families (King, Christian, Rogan, etc.), c.1950s
a.King Family tree constructed from the will of William King, son of Thomas King of Abingdon, 3 March 1806
b.Notes from History of Southwest Virginia 1746-1786, Washington County 1777-1780 by Lewis Preston Summers, 1903
c.Newspaper clipping “The Southwest Corner” by Goodridge Wilson about King
d.Biography of Rev. James King, 11 February 1791 – 13 July 1867
e.Abstract from an article in the Tennessee Gazette written by William King, on 27 October 1802
f.Copy of petition by William King to the State of Tennessee
g.Notes on visit to Abingdon, on 28 May 1955
h.Notes on conversation between Judge Joseph Caldwell and Ray Hunt about King, in November 1955
i.Notes on conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stern about the James King family, on 6 November 1955
j.Notes on Gilbert Christian
k.Copy of letter from the Rogan manuscript
l.“Sketch, Autobiographical of the Life of James Rogan up to 81st year of His Age” copied from manuscript in possession of May Lynn
m.Information about the Bagwell/Green family
n.Brief notes from visit with Mrs. Smith Dugan (Blanch Jordan) and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Nelms, July 1954
o.Notes from the manuscript of James Jennings
p.Information from Guy Devault
q.Copy of Netherland family letter
r.Information about the Patton family
3.Early Industry (Mills, etc.), 1952-1957
a.List of early local industries
b.Information on the old mill at Silvacola, the Pettyjohn Mill on Fall Creek, and King’s Mill on Reedy Creek
c.Information from visit to Simpson’s Mill in Laurel Gap, 13 September 1952
d.Notes from conversation with J. P. Birdwell about the location of the mill near Kendrick’s Creek, 30 November 1952
e.Notes from conversation with N. Bess Wolf (Wexler) about mill near Fort Patrick Henry, 7 December 1952
f.Excerpt from Milling in Middle Tennessee, 1780-1860 by K. M. McDonald, 1938
g.Sketch of location of Allison Mill, 6 July 1952
h.Information on visit to Allison Mill, 27 July 1952
i.List of books on mills, 26 June 1952
j.Information from L. Vaughn, son of a mill owner in Clinch Valley
k.Notes on G. Burkhart and the Paperville Mill
l.Clipping from the Knoxville Journal “Home Folks” by Vic Weals, on 11 July 1954
m.“The Mills of Early America” by Eric Sloane
n.Copy of letter from Walter Johnson to Carl Jones about the Paperville Mill, 3 May 1954
o.Copy of letter from Hunt to Anderson about Paperville, 14 May 1954
p.Copy of letter from Ahern to Anderson about Paperville, includes attachments about Burkhart and deeds, 5 June 1954
q.Copy of letter from Anderson to Jones about Paperville, 8 June 1954
r.Copy of letter from Jones to Johnson with additional information about Paperville, 9 June 1954
s.Copy of Johnson’s response to Jones’ letter, 11 June 1954
t.Copy of letter from Hunt to Anderson about Paperville, 21 June 1954
u.Letter from Jones to Ahern about Johnson’s article on Paperville, 7 October 1954
v.Copy of letter from Ahern to Jones about corrections to Johnson’s article, 13 October 1954
w.Copy of letter to Johnson from Jones with Ahern’s comments, 19 October 1954
x.Copy of Johnson’s response to Jones’ letter, 21 October 1954
y.Letter from Ahern to Creekmore about Burkhart and the paper mills, 18 May 1957
z.Copies (2) of newspaper article “Pioneer of Kingsport – William Barr Falls Victim of Typhoid Fever”
aa.“The Discovery of Iodine” from Laboratory, June 1954
bb.List of authorized agents copied from American Economist & East Tennessee Statesman, 1823
cc.Notes from “Essays Upon the Making of Saltpeter and Gunpowder” published by Order of the committee of Safety of the Colony of New York 1775-1776 in the rare book collection in the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.
dd.Article from Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 30, Number 29, 21 July 1952
ee.Notes from “A Treatise on the Mulberry Tree and the Silkworm, Etc.” by John Clark, 1839
4.Early Ironworks, Furnaces, and Forges, 1952-1955
a.Photographs (7) of remains of John Sevier furnace, Pactolus Iron Works, and equipment from Pigeon Forge
b.Background information about the Pactolus Iron Works
c.Time table of Pactolus Iron Works beginning with acquisition of land by Moses Cavitt from North Carolina
d.Letter from E. N. Hartley, Professor of History at M. I. T., to Anderson about early iron works, 10 July 1952
e.Correspondence from Edward Kendall of the Smithsonian Institute to Ahern on 18 August 1952 with information about furnaces
f.Correspondence from George Anderson to Edward Kendall in response to information about furnaces, 27 August 1952
g.Copy of correspondence from Ahern to Colonel Brown about Pactolus, 20 October 1953
h.Memo (2) from George Anderson to Ahern and Hunt concerning information from Mrs. McCown about Pactolus, dated 1 July 1954
i.Copies of letter from Ahern to the Commission of Patents seeking information about an old iron works factory in Kingsport, 20 March 1957
j.Notice of insufficient payment to Ahern from the United States Patent Office, 1 April 1957
k.Notes from conversation with Theora (Bacon) Dolen, on 27 March 1953 about the history of Pactolus Iron Works
l.List of owners of the ironworks plant at Pactolus from Cavitt to the Embree brothers
m.List of forges and furnaces in East Tennessee from J. P. Lesley’s The Iron Manufacturer’s Guide
n.Notes and map of the iron furnace at Pactolus, prepared on 13 November 1955
o.Background information on the operation at Pactolus
p.Menu from “Butler’s Forge Hammer Restaurant” in Pigeon Forge, dated 1 April 1956
q.Magazine clipping from New Solutions about iron and information about W. L. Cook’s article on furnaces and forges
r.Clipping from The Laboratory, “Yankee Iron”
s.Excerpt from A Concise History of the Iron Manufacture of the American Colonies up to the Revolution by John B. Pearse, 1876
t.Excerpt from the History of the Manufacture of Iron in all Ages and Particularly in the United States from Colonial Time to 1891, by James N. Swank, 1892
u.Ahern’s notes on Tilthammer Iron Works
v.Statistics from John Lesley’s The Iron Manufacturer’s Guide for 1856
w.Notes on location of the old furnace of Kendrick’s Creek
x.Copy of deeds pertaining to Pactolus Iron Works
y.History of Pactolus Iron Works
z.Notes on visit with Richard Dillow about Pactolus, on 2 January 1955
5.“Echoes” – From the East Tennessee Historical Society, February 1955 – July 1959
a.1955 (February, April (2 copies), July, October)
b.1956 (April, July, October)
c.1957 (January, April, July, October)
d.1958 (March, May)
e.1959 (July)
6.“Echoes” – From the East Tennessee Historical Society, December 1959 – March 1969
a.1959 (December)
b.1960 (June, November)
c.1961 (April, September, December)
d.1962 (March)
e.1963 (September, November)
f.1964 (Spring, Summer)
g.1969 (March)
7.Fort Robinson and Fort Loudon, mostly 1760
a.“The Location of Fort Robinson” by R. F. Hunt, 25 February 1954
b.“Fort Loudon on the Little Tennessee – A Self-guiding History Trail”
c.Fort Loudon Newsletter, August 1956 – April 1958 (incomplete)
d.Correspondence between Paul Kelley, Superintendent of Fort Loudon Project, and Ahern
e.Copy of newspaper article by Bob Cunningham, “Restoration of Fort Loudon is Goal as Anniversary Event Draws Near”
f.Fort Loudon, Photographs (6), undated
g.Brochure and newsletter concerning the restoration of Fort Loudon, July 1957
h.Pamphlet from Fort Loudon, “Bi-Centennial Celebration 1757-1957”
8.George Hale and the Boatyard, c.1950s
a.Copy of Hale’s memoir from 17 February 1859 (recopied from a copy in the possession of Judge Winfield Hale of Rogersville; original copy in possession of Miss Kate Fulkerson)
b.Copies of agreements and contracts from the Boat Yard
c.Boat Yard, copies of letters
d.Boat Yard, copies of receipts
e.Copies of bills from Baltimore
f.Copies of prices of goods at the store; information about local products (salt, cotton, etc.)
g.Boat Yard Store, Notes and copies from daybook
h.“The Boatyard Store, 1814-1825” by Ahern and Ray Hunt, September 1953 (2) and May 1954, Drafts (3), (a revised version appeared later in the Tennessee Historical Quarterly in September 1955)
9.Historical Guide Information/ETHS, 1952-1963
a.Notes on historic sites in and around Kingsport, 1952
b.Tour information about the sites, includes maps, 1952
c.Historic Jonesborough (2 brochures)
d.“Some Historic Landmarks of Upper East Tennessee,” 1963
e.Information about the East Tennessee Historical Society (ETHS), also about their meetings
f.Maps of area
10.Hughes and Anderson/Block House, c.1950s
a.Record of the Anderson family (copy)
b.Notes on visit with Samuel Hughes of Boozy Creek area, 2 October 1955
c.Photographs of chimneys and remains of the Anderson Block House in Carter’s Valley, September 1952
d.Anderson Block House Sketches (2) by Lillian Rhea
e.“History Told of Block House in Scott County, Virginia” by Mrs. Charles S. Newman
f.Notes on visit to Block House, 24 August 1952
11.Indian History, c.1950s
a.List of Local People Interested in Indian History
b.“Hiwassee Island near Dayton” – outline from Cherokees and Earlier Remains on Upper Tennessee River by W. R. Harrington, 1922
c.“The Ohio Branch” from Indian Trails of the Southeast by William E. Myer, 1928
d.Information about burial mounds along the Holston River
e.Short account of historical fiction about an Indian named Logan by Ahern
12.The Lynn Family, c.1950s
a.The Lynn Family Genealogy by S. E. Lynn, 1913 (all items from Miss May Lynn)
b.Copies of land grants and transactions made by the Lynn family
c.Miscellaneous notes, letters, and copies from the papers of James Lynn
d.Negatives of genealogy

Box 3
1.Negative Copies of documents, c.1950s
a.Miscellaneous assortment of negative copies of documents (wills, receipts, etc.), 1815-1867 and undated
2. Pendleton and Gains, c.1950s
a. Copy of deed from Edmund Pendleton to James Gaines, 25 September 1804
b. Chronology of Pendleton’s Grant
c. The story of Pendleton’s Grant
d. Copy of Edmund Pendleton, 1721-1803 by David John Mays, 1952
e. Notes from Edmund Pendleton, 1721-1803
f. Copy of North Carolina land record showing the holdings of Gaines
g. Various notes and sketches concerning grants
h. Family tree of George and Myra Gaines
i. Copies of the Gaines’ papers
j. Copies of deeds of gift from James White to Gaines concerning the exchange of slaves
k. Sketches of land held by Gaines
l. Information about William Tatham Grants
m. “Area Man is Crash Victim” from the Kingsport Times-News, 3 October 1956 describing the death of George Gaines
3. Petitions: Incorporation, Slavery, etc., late 1700s – early 1800s
a. List of signatures on the Petitions of 1787
b. Copy of the Petition of 1787
c. Notes from the “Acts of Tennessee 1823”
d. Notes from the Journal of the House of Representatives in 1822
e. Copies of act to incorporate Kingsport
f. Items concerning slavery in area (Manumission Intelligencer and notes on petition to abolish slavery)
4. Railroads, c.1950s
a. “The Building of the Clinchfield Route, A Romance in Railroad Construction” copied by Ahern on 10 April 1956 from Clinchfield RR Company Newsletter dated 20 March 1954
b. Newspaper Clippings from Charles V. Patton’s “Old Timer” in the Knoxville Journal:
i. “Railways affected Growth of ET Cities,” 2 October 1955
ii. “Knoxville Headquarters for Rail Construction Contractors in ‘90’s,” undated
iii. “Smoky Mountain Line Build in 1907-09,” 10 April 1955
iv. “‘Lost’ Record of Meeting Reveals Facts about Early ET Railroads,” 15 May 1955
c. Newspaper clippings from Kingsport Times-News:
i. “Scott Land is Purchased by Clinchfield,” 13 December 1953
ii. “Clinchfield Ends Passenger Trains on Upper ET Run,” 2 May 1954
iii. “Kingsport Bids Farewell to Last Passenger Train” by Virginia Davis, 2 May 1954
d. Photographs (2) of CCC Trestle and (2) of train
e. Correspondence (6 items) from R. B. Carneal to Ahern about railroads, dated September-December 1953
5. Religion in area, c.1950s
a. Abstract of “Minutes of Hanover Presbytery, December 3, 1755 – October 1785,” prepared by Mary Hardin McCown, 6 June 1952
b. Excerpt from Holston Methodism by R. N. Price, published in 1908
c. Notes from History of Methodism in Holston Conference by Isaac Patton Martin, 1945
d. List of Pastors of the Old Kingsport Baptist Church, 1854-1867 (copied from the Records of the Old Kingsport Baptist Church)
e. “Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, 1789-1820”
f. “Presbytery of Abingdon Minutes 1806-1835” copied by Ahern on 12 March 1955
g. From the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities “The Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church”
h. List of ministers of the Kingsport Presbyterian Church, the Boat Yard Congregation
i. List of first members of the Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church
j. List of members of the Kingsport Church and Acts of the Church, dated 8 August 1954
k. Copy of Brief History of the Presbyterian Church of Old Kingsport Tennessee by Dr. William King (copied from original manuscript May 19, 1952)
l. Copy of the “Records of the Boat Yard Congregation” from the Lynn papers, copied in December 1953
m. Copy of document signed by John Lynn Sr. concerning the Boat Yard congregation
n. Notes from an article by John W. Faxon about the Kingsport Presbyterian Church in a Chattanooga newspaper, The Sunday Times, on 23 August 1908
o. “Old Kingsport Church Influences Spiritual and Cultural Progress” by Charles V. Patton from “Patton’s Old Timer” in The Knoxville Journal, 20 December 1953
p. Copy of the deed to the Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church, dated 17 March 1851
q. Notes on the Immanuel Church, the New Haven Church, and the Zion Church from Pollyanna Creekmore
r. “Mormon Merely Nickname for Church” by Richard Evans from The Knoxville Journal, 24 July 1955
s. “New Providence Church Links Hawkins County Past” by Don Allgood from Kingsport News, 25 August 1962
t. Copy of a letter from J. Fred Johnson to Arthur Morgan concerning the importance of religion, 8 September 1936
6. Roads, c.1950s and 1960s
a. Notes on Bloomingdale Road from 1777-1781, then part of Washington County, Virginia
b. Notes on the roads of Botetouret County, Virginia from 1770-1771
c. Notes on Boone’s Trail, or Watauga Road, prepared by Ahern, on 20 September 1952
d. Information about “Cedar Lane in the 1850’s-1860’s” U. S. News & World Report, 8 August 1952
e. “Big Cities’ Big Future,” U. S. News & World Report, 8 August 1952
f. “Dedication of the Earnest Bridge,” on 10 August 1969
7. Roller/Mitchell Family History, 1938-1967
a. Genealogy of Roller Family by Miss Annie Mitchell, started in 1925; finished in 1953
b. Sketches (4) of Roller Family Tree
c. Record of Roller Ancestors and Relatives by Miss Annie Mitchell, copied in March 1953
d. Notes on Roller family taken from the Roller Cemetery
e. Copy of North Carolina Land Grant, number 143, from 7 October 1782 granting ownership of 312 acres in Sullivan County to Martin Rowler (Roller)
f. Newspaper clippings from the Kingsport Times-News:
i. “Roller Homecoming,” 7 August 1955
ii. “On That First Independence: Sullivan County’s Martin Roller Fought for Freedom Then” by Maxine Cates, 26 June 1963
g. “Roller Family History” by Lt. Col. Herbert Price, on 15 July 1938
h. Copy of letter (dated 19 July 1938) from Herbert Price to Eugene Roller concerning the Roller Family Reunion and information about the Roller Family
i. Notes on conversation with Miss Annie Mitchell, 27 April 1953
j. Notes on visit with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Roller on 5 September 1955 (Ahern was accompanied by Miss Annie Mitchell)
8. Reverend F. A. Ross/Rotherwood, c.1950s (1 of 2)
a. Notes from letter IV of Autobiography of Reverend F. A. Ross, D. D.
b. Copy of map showing Ross’s land
c. Brief history of Rotherwood
d. Transcript of article about Ross’s Bridge from the Knoxville Register, 15 March 1826
e. Notes on F. A. Ross’s wife and Joshua Phipps
f. Copy of deed from David Ross, Jr. to Benjamin Lewis
g. Land acquisitions of David Ross
h. Copy of the will of Joseph Phipps, probated on 11 February 1772
i. Sketch of Joseph Phipps’s family tree
j. Photographs (2) of the grave markers of Joshua Phipps and his wife Ann P. Backman
k. “Old Campground Has Unique History” by Charles V. Patton’s “Old Timer” in the Knoxville Journal, 10 July 1955
l. “Slavery Ordained of God” by Rev. Frederick A. Ross, 1857
9. Reverend F. A. Ross/Rotherwood, c.1950s (2 of 2)
a. Copy of Autobiography of Reverend F. A. Ross, D. D., c.1862-1863
b. “Undated Manuscript Material for the Christian Observer”
10. Steamboats (Alabama and Knoxville, TN), c.1950s
a. “Knoxville Played Important Role in History of Riverboat Traffic” newspaper clipping from Knoxville Journal by Charles V. Patton
b. “Alabama Postal History” compiled by J. H. Scruggs, Jr.
c. “Alabama Steamboats 1819-1869” compiled by J. H. Scruggs, Jr.
d. Letter from J. H. Scruggs, Jr. to Ahern concerning steamboats, dated 8 September 1954
e. Copied excerpt from “A History of Navigation on the Tennessee River System” by J. H. Aldridge
f. Notes from “Romance Along the Alabama Rivers” by J. H. Scruggs, Jr., 1954
11. War in Area: French and Indian to Civil War, c.1950s (1 of 2)
a. Notes from the British Public Records Office concerning Indian relations in colonial Virginia (copied by R. F. Hunt Jr. in 1954)
b. History of the French and Indian War at Fort Loudon compiled by H. L. Callahan in 1953
c. Biography of William Cocke compiled from Lost State of Franklin by S. C. Williams
d. Copies of the “William Cocke” surveys around Fort Patrick Henry, copied on 13 February 1956
e. Notes from interview with Robert Birdwell about the location of Eaton’s Station, 9 May 1969
f. Abstract from Pensioners of Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and All Wars Prior to 1883 of Claiborne County Tennessee by Annie Walker Burns
g. Handwritten copies of official records of the Union and Confederate Armies
i. Series I, Volume XXX, Part II – “War of the Rebellion, The East Tennessee Campaign, 16 August – 19 October 1863”
ii. Series I, Volume XXXIX, Part I – “Raids from Kentucky and East Tennessee into Southwest Virginia, 20 September – 17 October 1864
h. Notes prepared by R. F. Hunt in June 1954 on Humes “The Loyal Mountaineers”
i. Neighbor Against Neighbor, Brother Against Brother – Greene County in the Civil War by Carl N. Hayes
12. War in Area: French and Indian to Civil War, c.1950s (2 of 2)
a. List of “little-known” facts of the Civil War in East Tennessee
b. Notes from “Dan Ellis and the Mountain Trial,” an article about a bridge burning in Carter County during the Civil War, which appeared in Time in 1952
c. Copies of a letter dated 1 October 1842 from William Martin to Draper concerning the Battle of Island Flats
d. Notes from Draper manuscript and letters
e. Information about the “Battle of Kingsport”
13. Will and Testament Information, c.1950s
a. Washing County Will Books, Unprinted negatives from
b. Boat Yard, Notes on various wills
c. Washing County, Notes on will books
d. William King’s will (copy)
e. King family wills (copies) (4 items)

Box 4
1. Maps, 1839, 1939, and 1940 and brochures
a. Up the Years from the Boat Yard, 1967
b. Kingsport, Reports, 1954-1955
c. Map of Northeast Tennessee
d. TVA Maps (3) of Kingsport area
2. Kingsport Times News clippings, various dates
a. “93-Year-Old Postal Guide Reveals History of County” by Mary Clement, 5 April 1953
b. “Appalachian Tales” by James Taylor Adams – 14 December 1952; 29 March 1953; 6 June 1954
c. “Musty Records Show Life of Famous Virginia Men” by James Taylor Adams
d. “When Kingsport was Younger,” 29 July 1953
e. “Mrs. Georgia Snow Recalls J. Fred Johnson & Co. Rise” by Pat Fields
f. “Editor’s Mail,” 22 February 1953 and 1 March 1956
g. “J. Fred Johnson Co. Observes 46th Birthday,” 4 June 1952
h. “Local Man Says River Trip Rough in 1899” by Ron Caylor, 30 June 1964
i. “When Kinnie Wagner Escaped from Blountville Jail, July 10, 1925,” 25 February 1972
j. “The Romantic Story of Rotherwood is Told by Charles C. Ross, Son of Rev. Frederick A. Ross” – copy of article from the Kingsport Times, 1 October 1924
k. “Historic Kingsport,” 3 March 1968
l. Photographs of area landmarks, 22 June 1952
m. “Ex-GI Finds Home, Work at Ancient Water Mill” by Neal O’Steen, 29 March 1953
n. “Carter Brought Wealth to Area” by C. J. Harkrader, 1 July 1956
o. “Battle of Kingsport” by Edith Robertson, 13 December 1964
3. Knoxville Journal clippings, various dates
a. “Treasure for History Buffs,” 9 January 1972
b. “Home Folks” by Vic Weals, 12 October 1952
c. “Older Residents Recall Violent Storms Which Struck Knox Area” from “Patton’s Old Timer” by Charles V. Patton, 4 April 1954
d. “Captain Sandman,” 14 April 1957
e. Page from 14 July 1968
f. “Did Colonists Settle first in Hawkins?” by Juanita Glenn, 9 April 1976
4. New York Times clippings, various dates
a. “Sometimes Under the Dust of a Hundred Years” by Cecil Woodham-Smith, 1 August 1961
b. “The Civil War and Reconstruction,” January 1961

Series II, Negatives and Photographs, c.1900-1967 and undated, box 5-6.

Box 5
1.“Bird’s Eye View” of Kingsport, undated
2.House, undated
3.John Lynn and Sons Store House, undated
4.Miss Sallie Gaines old Residence, undated
5.Netherland Hotel, Old Stone House, undated
6.Oak Hill, undated
7.Oak Hill, undated
8.Old Elm” at the foot of Charles Lynn’s yard on “Main Street,” Kingsport Academy, undated
9.Old Mill on Rotherwood Farm, undated
10.Old Rotherwood Elm, undated
11.Rotherwood, undated
12.“Singing School,” undated
13.View of Holston River from Rotherwood, undated
14.View of Holston Valley and River from Kingsport, undated
15.Walnut Hill, Old Bachman House, undated
16.“Walnut Hill,” “Prospect Hill,” undated

Box 6
1.Four photographs: Tranbarger Hollow, 1952
2.Three photographs: Fall Branch, 1953
3.Three photographs: Tranbarger Hollow, 1952
4.Two photographs: Tranbarger Hollow, 1953
5.Two photographs: Flourville, 1952
6.Two photographs: Tilthammer and Gage from Pigeon Forge, 1953
7.Four photographs: Allison’s Mill, 1952-1953
8.Tombstone, 1942
9.Four photographs: Old Russell Bean cabin and John Bean Cabin, 1952
10.Three photographs: Site of William Bean’s Cabin, 1952
11.Four photographs: Oak Hill, Walnut Hill, and John Lynn’s Store, undated
12.Three photographs: The Old Rotherwood Elm, View of Holston Valley and River from Kingsport, and A Bird’s Eye View of Kingsport, undated
13.Two photographs: Plant of Kingsport Brick Corporation and The Old Rotherwood Elm (2 copies), undated
14.Three photographs: Kingsport Academy, Old Mill on Rotherwood Farm, and View of Holston River from Rotherwood, undated
15.Two photographs: Where Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Rogan were married, and Miss Sallie Gaines old Residence, undated
16.Two photographs: John Lynn and Sons Store House, and Rotherwood, c.1913-1915
17.Two photographs: Oak Hill, and Netherland Hotel, undated
18.“Singing School,” c.1900
19.“Singing School,” c.1900
20.“Singing School,” c.1900
21.Four photographs: Boozy Creek (Reedy Creek Valley), 1953
22.Three photographs: Old Jackson Place, 1953
23.Two photographs: Mt. Ida, and Old Hood Cabin, 1952
24.Three photographs: Arcadia Methodist Church, and wooden cogs, 1952
25.Three photographs: Old Roller Place, 1953
26.Panorama of Kingsport in 1917, 1967