Washington and Lee School Portraits, Scrapbooks, and Notebooks, 1926-1965


 Title: Washington and Lee School Portraits, Scrapbooks, and Notebooks, 1926-1965

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection KCMC 322

Physical Description: 6 boxes

Creator: Various

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport





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Washington and Lee School Portraits, Scrapbooks, and Notebooks, 1926-1965. KC Manuscript Collection 322, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.



In 1949 Robert E. Lee School and Washington School began to merge.  By 1956 the Robert E. Lee students had joined the students of the newly remodeled Washington School.  The school became known as Washington-Lee School.



The Washington and Lee Portraits and Scrapbooks collection contains ten Parent-Teacher Association Scrapbooks and four notebooks of Meeting Minutes.  Also there are student portraits from the 1964-65 school year; the class photographs are from the 1963-64 and the 1964-65 school years.  Some of the scrapbooks and notebooks contain information specific to Washington or Lee; others acknowledge the merge of the two schools, and are titled “Washington-Lee.”



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Series I, name of series, date range, box #s.


Box 1


1.  Allen, Mrs. Montra’s  First Grade Class, 1964-65

2.  Bridwell, Mrs.’  Sixth Grade Class, 1964-65

3.  Burns, Mrs.’  Sixth Grade Class, 1964-65

4.  Cleek, Mrs. Margaret’s Third Grade Class, 1964-65

5.  Cole, Ms. Jane’s  Third Grade Class, 1964-65

6.  Collins, Mrs.’ Sixth Grade Class, 1964-65

7.  Cooper, Mrs. Joyce’s Fifth Grade Class, 1964-65

8.  Crockett, Mrs.’ Class Unknown, 1964-65?

9.  DeHaven, Ms. Irma’s Fifth Grade Class, 1964-65

10. Edmondson, Ms.’ Class Unknown, 1964-65

11. Edwards, Mrs. (Ms. Isley)’s Sixth Grade Class, 1964-65

12. Grubbs, Mrs.’ Second Grade Class, 1964-65

13. Haney, Ms. Linda’s Fourth Grade Class, 1964-65

14. Horne, Mrs. Ethlyn’s Fourth Grade Class, 1964-65

15. Kirkpatrick, Mrs.’ First Grade Class, 1964-65

16. Lay, Mrs.’ Class Unknown, 1964-65

17. Leeper, Mrs.’ Class Unknown, 1964-65

18. Manning, Ms. Dolores’ Fourth Grade Class, 1964-65

19. Martin, Ms.’ Class Unknown, Undated

20. Matlock, Mrs. Alma’s First Grade Class, 1964-65

21. McGlothlin, Ms. Mae’s First Grade Class, 1964-65

22. Moffit, Mrs.’ Class Unknown, 1964-65

23. Morrell, Mrs. Brenda’s First Grade Class, 1964-65

24. Richardson, Ms. Grace’s Third Grade Class, 1964-65

25. Ritchie, Ms. Mary Jane’s Fourth Grade Class, 1964-65

26. Seale, Ms.’ Class Unknown, Undated

27. Snapp, Ms. Mary Ann’s Second Grade Class, 1964-65

28. Templin, Ms. Frances’ First Grade Class, 1964-65

29. Williams, Mrs. Gene’s First Grade Class, 1964-65

30. Williams, Ms. Hattie’s Fifth Grade Class, 1964-65

31. Woods, Mrs. Nancy’s First Grade Class, 1964-65


Box 2


1. Miscellaneous Portraits of Students in Various Grades and Classes, Undated

2. Minutes, 1951-63 and Undated


Box 3


1.  Certificates to Robert E. Lee PTA, 1948 and undated

And a Note “In Memoriam Margaret Jennings,” 1949

2.  Class Photographs and Four Faculty Photographs, 1963-65

3.  Scrapbook Completed by Mrs. W. Burley Chandler (Edith), September 1947-May 1948

4.  Scrapbook, 1949-50


Box 4


1.  Scrapbook of PTA Awards, Events, and Activities, 1950-52

2.  Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings, 1948-49

3.  Scrapbook of Safety Pamphlets, Advertisements, and Newspaper Clippings, 1949-50 and undated


Box 5


1.  Scrapbook Titled “Project Book for Washington-Lee PTA, 1953-54”

2.  Scrapbook Titled “Washington-Lee PTA 1954-55”


Box 6


1.  Scrapbook, 1945-46

2.  Notebook of Robert E. Lee PTA Meeting Minutes, 1926-1935

Also contains correspondence from 1948-1949

3.  Notebook of Robert E. Lee PTA Meeting Minutes, 1940-50

4.  Notebook of Washington PTA Meeting Minutes, 1941-1951

5.  Scrapbook Titled “Washington-Lee PTA,” 1951-1953

Also contains correspondence from 1956-1959

6.  Scrapbook Titled “Washington-Lee PTA, 1950-51”