Dr. George G. Keener Papers, 1903-1960s and undated

KC Manuscript Collection 244

The Dr. George G. Keener collection consists of the doctor’s personal papers, professional correspondence, and a medical ledger.  Correspondence and papers date primarily from 1909 to 1911 while the ledger covers 1903 through 1917.  The ledger provides an account of everyone during those years that received treatment from Keener.  It is organized by town and family and lists illnesses, methods of treatment, and payment information.  There is a separate entry for births and deaths.  Keener was a prominent physician, former postmaster, and city leader in Kingsport, Tennessee with a local medical practice predating the city’s incorporation in 1917.

Biographical Note:
Dr. George G. Keener was a prominent Kingsport physician during the genesis of modern Kingsport and into the post World War II era.  Consistently active in Kingsport civic and political affairs, Dr. Keener served two terms on the Kingsport Board of Mayor and Aldermen, 1929-1931 and 1931-1933.  As a member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, he actively supported public health reform efforts. Illustrative of Progressivism in both spirit and practice, Keener’s life exemplifies the professionalization of medicine and the growing social authority of of the medical community.  During his tenure on the Board of Mayor and Alderman, Keener supported municipal reform efforts which were characteristic of the Progressive era in United States History.  Keener was a physician in Knoxville and Jonesboro, Tennessee as well as Interior and Crandull, Virginia.  Keener served as prison physician at Brushy Mountain State Prison at Petros, Tennessee beginning in 1911.  He served as Kingsport Postmaster, 1909-1911.

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This collection should be cited as:
Dr. George G. Keener Papers, 1903-1960s and undated.  KC Manuscript Collection 244, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

The Dr. George G. Keener Papers were donated to the Archives of the City of Kingsport by Robert L. Harvey in October 1993.

Archives staff consisting of Margie Dotson, Martha A. Egan, Rachel Ledford, and Suzanne Stram processed the collection.
Brian Wilson developed the finding aid.
Jeff A. Jenson provided some additional processing and finding aid development in July 2007. Brianne Johnson revised the finding aid in May 2008.

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Minute Book 3, 10 September 1929, p. 1222-23.
Minute Book 3, 15 October 1929, p. 1228.
Minute Book 3, 20 May 1930, p. 1253.
Minute Book 3, 18 August 1931, p. 1330.
Minute Book 3, 21 June 1932, p. 1360




  1. Correspondence, 1905-1908
  2. Correspondence, 1909
  3. Correspondence, 1910
  4. Correspondence, January 18, 1911- June 22, 1911
  5. Correspondence, July 5, 1911-December 13, 1911
  6. Correspondence, 1912
  7. Correspondence, 1913
  8. Correspondence, 1914
  9. Correspondence, 1915-1927
  10. Correspondence, 1930-1940
  11. Correspondence, 1960s
  12. Correspondence and speeches, undated
  13. Correspondence: Brushy Mountain Prison, undated
  14. Correspondence: Post Office, undated
  15. Medical documents, undated
  16. Miscellaneous, 1914 and undated
  17. Newsclippings, 1911-1912 and undated
  18. Medical ledger, 1903-1917