Kingsport Optimist Club Records, 1984-2002

KC Manuscript Collection 243

The Kingsport Optimist Club Records collection depicts a club that was committed to the health, sense of community, and education of young people.  Activities and events described in the collection include a Boys/Girls footrace, bowling and tennis events, scholarships and essay contests, and other community-involved events.  Up until the Kingsport chapter folded in 2002, the Club kept records concerning members and the budget; this includes a member directory and manual, a handbook and policies, a constitution and budget report.  The nine plaques were awarded to J. Howard Hale, a long-time member of the Club who once served as President.

The worldwide Optimist Club organization has been in operation since 1919.  Members of the club are expected to be upbeat and enthusiastic individuals, the young at heart, helping youth through local service projects. The Optimists conduct thousands of such projects, annually serving six million young people.  As of 2003, 114,000 individual members belonged to one of the 3,500 chapters of the Club.

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This collection should be cited as:

Kingsport Optimist Club Records, 1984-2002.  KC Manuscript Collection 243, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Ray Willis, an officer of the Kingsport Optimist Club, donated this collection in 2003.

Karen V. Ankabrandt, Archives Intern, processed the collection and developed the finding aid in July 2007.

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 BOX 1

1. Member Directory and Budget Information, 1999-2000

2. District Membership Chair Manual, 2001-2002

3. Tennessee District Directory, 2000-2001

4. Awards and Certificates, Howard Hale, 1992 and 1994

5. International Essay Contest: Entries and Judging Sheets, 2001-2002

6. Miscellaneous Information, 1996, 1998-99

7. Miscellaneous, (budget report, dues records, meeting minutes) 1987-95, 2000-01

8. Miscellaneous, (handbook, district policies, constitution and by-laws), 1999-2001

9. Miscellaneous, (club roster, certificate for oratorical contest, committee assignments), 2001

10. Miscellaneous, (scrapbook guidelines and contest information, certificate for oratorical contest), 2001

11. Miscellaneous, (cross-country invitational, International Convention, membership growth program), 2001

12. Oratorical Contest Information, (also list of officers, newsletter, budget reports), 1999-2000

13. Optimist Magazine, 2001

14. Membership Packet, 2000

15. Community Projects Awards entries, 1984-85

16. Photographs of Boys/Girls foot race, undated

17. Photographs of Boys/Girls Cross-Country Invitational, 2001


a. Tennessee District 1st Place Zone 13, Kingsport, 1984-85

b. J. Howard Hale Kingsport Optimist Club, 1988-89

c. Presented to J. Howard Hale in Appreciation for Outstanding Service to Track & Field DBHS Track Team

d. Sparkplug Award Howard Hale Kingsport Optimist Club, 1995-96

e. Sparkplug Award Presented to J. Howard Hale Optimist Club of Kingsport, 1997-98

f. Optimist of the Year presented to J. Howard Hale Optimist Club Kingsport, TN, In Recognition of Dedicated Service to Youth and Community through participation in the Optimist Club, 1984-85

g. United Spirit Award presented to Howard Hale, Your dedicated work with youth will keep you forever young, 1991-92

h. Life Member presented in recognition of outstanding service, James Howard Hale, 1994

i. Awarded to J. Howard Hale for outstanding leadership as Club President, 1984-85


Scrapbook, 1984-85