Scrapbook of Baby Pictures, 1957-1963 and undated


Title: Scrapbook of Baby Pictures

Collection Number: Kingsport Community Manuscript Collection (KCMC) 381

Physical Description: 1 box

Creator: unknown

Repository: Archives of the City of Kingsport



Provenance: The donor of this collection is unknown.

Access/Restrictions: There are no restrictions on use of this collection for research purposes. The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Processed by: Brianne Johnson processed the collection and developed the finding aid in June 2008.



This collection should be cited as:

Scrapbook of Baby Pictures, date. KC Manuscript Collection 381, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.



This collection consists of one scrapbook of baby pictures. It is not known who compiled the scrapbook and why. The scrapbook pages were kept in their original order and filed into folder one. The loose photographs were arranged first by size and then arranged in alphabetical order according to the child’s name.




Folder 1. Scrapbook Pages (22 Pages)

Page 1

Cleek Children (Alan, Betty Ann, and Kay)

Jane Smallwood


Page 2

Kaye Miller


Page 3

June Stone

Michael Wagner

Mary Repass

Nell Mallicote

Betty Sullins

Allen Arnold

Shelby Douglas

Shelia Callahan


Page 4

Hank Brown


Page 5

Murry Groseclose

Ricky Newland

Donna Taylor

Bessie Pectal

Thelma Kern

Sharon Dezorn

David “Eddie” Smith

William and Jane Talley


Page 6

Valine Greene

Elizabeth McCracken

Rickey Sells

Sarah King

James Dougherty

Edward Calcope

Dickie Jones

Barbara Hughes


Page 7

Adelaide Jarrett

Ann Green

Joy Shirbaum

Vickey Doran

Betty Hensley

Joyce Marshall

Michael Callahan

Janelle Campbell


Page 8

Timothy Harr

David Borders

Linda Tipton

Ann Russell

Barbara Sapp


Page 9

Dewight Kilbourne

Bryan Lee and Thomas Lynn Phillips

Frank Johnson


Page 10


Keith Bennett

Bertie Shoemaker

Sammy McConnell

Dona Gilliam

Baby Butler


Page 11

Tamera Hayes

Heddie Leedy

Donna Jean Isley

Ricky Horton

Crystal Richards

Ruth Lawson

Opal King



Page 12

Michael Searey

Teresa Lingerfelt

Zola Kilbourne

Nina Tipton

Mae Hicks

Penny and PamelaTower

Pam Kinkead


Page 13

Lynn Wilhelm

Ann Carson

Debbi Wagner

Sherri Wagner

Sylvia Becker


Page 14


Mark Haney

Ricky Howard


Mack Hicks

Ann Patton

Baby Sloan

Rebecca Williams


Page 15

Helen Hurd

Virginia Harr

Geneva Black

Ann Morton

Shelia Boggs

Carolyn Barnes

Doris Whitson

Lorene Hill


Page 16

Baby Pierce

Baby Hale

Baby Poole

Randy Still

David Carnes

Baby Livesy


Page 17

Robert Hager

The George’s

Baby Durham

Francis Davis

Frankie Clark

Pat Covin


Page 18

Miller babies

Powers twins

Elliot babies

Phillips babies

Kendrick’s babies

Camp babies (Timmy and Ricky)


Page 19

Baby England

Sherry Gail Pierce




Page 20

Ann Gray

Baby Becker

Eddie McManus

Baby Brown

Howard Cox

Baby Russ


Page 21

Susanne Campbell

Bales Twins

Baby Young

Russell Smith

Jeffery Myers


Page 22

Baby Farrell

Vickie Sue Syks

Mary Lou Hutchins (Bobby)

Bruce Rutledge

Nikki McNew

Billy Freeman


Folder 2 Photographs (4 x 5 or smaller)

Adeline Lee Akard

Leslie, Jimmy, and Lynda Allen

Dorothy Argoe

Sharon Lay Austin

Jan, Nan, and Ann Baise

Anita Baldwin

Karen Barger Jennifer and Mary Bateman

Becky and Johnny Becker

Grace Bentley

Sue Bird

Connie Blankenship

Rita Charlene Bloomer

Dorothy Booker

Robin Bowery

Jeffery and Janis Brickey

Keith Brewer

Bobbie Brown

Bryan Brown

Renee Brown

Robert Dale Brown

William Horatio Brown, V

Shirley Brookshire

Steve, Bob and Jeffrey Bryant


Bridget Caines

Pamela Carter

Leslie Cate

Ann Chapman

Emily Childress

Charlotte Clark

Joann C?

Brigett Coffey

Sara Ruth Cox

Michael Cradie

Dorothy Craig


Folder 3 Photographs (4 x 5 or smaller)

Baby Crawford

Sylvia Crockett

Allean Culbertson

Debra Ann Darter

Janet Dougherty

Jay Dougherty

Shelby Douglas

Elizabeth Anne Druskin

Christine Duncan

Dorothy Duncan

Judy Duncan

Pat Elliot

Jayne Marie Evans

Gerard Fargette

Rosa Farthing

Alethia Ferguson

Dorothy Fink (2 pictures)

Connie Sue Fleenor

Tina Marie Floyd

Tracy Jill Fox

Naomi Franklin

Beulah Freeman

Nancy Freeman

Connie Gardner

Gatrell (2 pictures)

Barbara Gillespie


Folder 4 Photographs (4 x 5 or smaller)

Jeanne Gerhardt

Bonnie Goforth

Geraldine Gott

Lydia Greene

Marie Greer

Mary Greer

Juanita Grindstaff

Ruth Gulian

Jene Hagar

Joyce Hagar

Karen Hamilton

Sandra Hamilton

Gladys Harris

Jane and Jimmie Harris

Bonnie Harrison

Barbara Jean Hawley

Jean, Teddy, and Debbie Hayen

Carolyn Herring

Al Hestin

Jeffery Hooker

Betty Hopkins

Ruth Horton

Frank Hunter Howe



Michael Hutson

Jarrett children


Donna Ray Johnson

Daren Curtis Johnson

Donna Lyn Johnson

Dorothy Johnson

Randy Kevin Johnson

Shirley Johnson

? Johnson

Cynthia Lynn Ketron

Rusty Kilpatrick

Bill King

Sarah King

Jimmie Lane


Folder 5 Photographs (4 x 5 or smaller)

Louise Lane

Wanda Lane

Heddie Leedy

Jeffry Light


Geoffrey Loggans

Glenna Luster

Hazel Luster

Mark Mahoney

Peggy Mason

Sylvia McConnell

May McGill

Darrell Lynn McMurray

Janet McMurray

Judy McRay

Abbie Meade

Andrea Kay Miller

Ben Miller

Toni Lee Minnick

Pat Moles

Denise Moody

Betty Morley

Ettie Nickels

Lisa Newland

Kim Noe

Charlotte Osborne

Frances Osborne


Folder 6 Photographs (4 x 5 or smaller)

James Patterson

Penney Ann Patterson

Vicki Patterson

Martha Patton

Marilyn Powell

Carolyn Purdue

Edna Purvis

Elizabeth Queen (3 pictures) Richardson

Mary Repass

Dennis Roberts

Shirley Roberts

Sebrina Robinette

James Rose

Wayne Rule

Brenda Russell

Betty Sauls

Connie Schirmes

Shepherds (2 pictures)

Glenna Sizemore

Bill and Don Slaughter

Betty Smith

Joanne Smith

Gwendolyn Snapp

Betty Sproles

Vicki Stafford

Steven Howard Strickland

William and Jane Talley

Billy Ray Taylor


Folder 7 Photographs (4 x 5 or smaller)

Billy Ray Taylor

Shirley Taylor

Terri Taylor

Betty Teague

Baby Tevin

Jan Thompson

Dorothy Thurman


Shirley Tipton

Jane Todd

Jean Walker

Melanie Elaine Walsh

Barry Walton

? David Watkins

Joyce Way

Charlene Williams

Irene Williams

Charlotte Wilson

John Wilson

Iva Wheat

Charlene Worley

Nadine Wright

Pete Wright


Susan Yokley









Folder 8 Photographs (8 x 10 and 5 x 7)

Nancy Ann Beals

Timmie and Rickie Camp


De Nobriga Satellites

David Allan Ferguson

Cindy Kaye Frady

Gardner Children


William Cole Hahn

Harmon (3 pictures) Hartman

Kiss family (2 pictures)

Tommy and Bill Laughlin

Patton family


Folder 9 Photographs (8 x 10 and 5 x 7)

Patton (2 pictures)

Porter family

Bennie Rushin

Searey family

Cindy Jo Russell

Smoot family

Smith family

Steadman family

Wallin family