Walker Collaborative, Community Associates, Inc., and Kathleen L.B. Beine, Visual Image Study, Code, and Ordinance Review (VISCOR), Study, September 2005

KM Manuscript Collection 27


This collection consists of the “Visual Image Study, Code, and Ordinance Review” (VISCOR).  The “project originated with and is significantly based upon the findings from ‘Looking at Kingsport 2000: A Visual Image Study’ (VIS)” and previous visioning reports conducted primarily by Kingsport Tomorrow.  The report’s creators sought to consolidate previous visioning research concerning Kingsport, Tennessee conducted between 1990 and 2005.  They sought to evaluate and interpret results, synthesize a single vision, review existing policies, find commonalities between sought outcomes and existing policies, and set forth planning recommendations.  Included are images from the Visual Image Study, research data collected from a survey administered to 1,015 people, policy analysis, and the community’s composite vision.

Historical Note:
This study grew out of the following visioning efforts.
1.   “Vision 2017: A Call to Action.” (Kingsport Tomorrow, 1990).
2.   “Kingsport Tomorrow Survey: Attracting & Retaining Young Adults.”
(Kingsport Tomorrow, 1998).
3.   “All-America City Award.” (Tri-Cities TN/VA Regional Partnership, 1999).
4.   “Model City Coalition: Downtown Kingsport & Gateways Plan.” (Model City Coalition, 1999).
5.   “Kingsport Tomorrow Survey: Improving Our Community Through Citizen Participation in Determining Our Future.” (Kingsport Tomorrow, 1999).
6.   “STAND Youth Conference.” (Kingsport Tomorrow, 2000).
7.   “Focus on the Future: 2001-2005 – Priorities for Greater Kingsport.” (Kingsport Tomorrow, 2000).
8.   “Mayor’s Green Summit.” (City of Kingsport, 2001).
9.   “Vision 2025: Communities Connected.” (Tri-Cities TN/VA Regional Partnership, 2001-2002).
10.   “Kingsport Tomorrow Community Progress Report.” (Kingsport Tomorrow, 2003).
11.   “Looking at Kingsport 2000: A Visual Image Study.” (Kathleen L.B. Beine and The Walker Collaborative, 2005).

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This collection should be cited as:

Walker Collaborative, Community Associates, Inc., and Kathleen L.B. Beine.  Visual Image Study, Code, and Ordinance Review (VISCOR), Study, September 2005.  KM Manuscript Collection 27, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Kathleen L.B. Beine, MD donated this collection in 2006.

Jeff A. Jenson processed the collection and developed the finding aid in December 2006.