1400 Block of Bristol Highway

Exterior view of Peggy Ann Coffee Shop, Buck Grocery Store, Standard Brands, Armour Drug Store, and Tennessee Rulane Company. These businesses all shared a building on the Bristol Highway, now named Center Street. Peggy Ann Coffee Shop, located at 1459 Bristol Highway, was owned by Earl J. Harrell. Buck Grocery Store, located at 1457 Bristol Highway, was owned by Daniel P. Buck. Standard Brands, located at 1455 Bristol Highway, was managed by John Proffit. Armour Drug Store, located at 1453 Bristol Highway, was owned by George Armour. Tennessee Rulane Company, located at 1451 Bristol Highway, provided butane gas sales and services. R.M. Huntsman was the vice president; Joseph P. Thompson was the office manager.

Photographer: McNeer, Thomas Jr.

Date Taken: 1946


ID#: 590-46


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