Account Sheets from Eastman and Peerless Coal Companies, 1938-1947

KC Manuscript Collection 191

This collection of account sheets from the Eastman Chemical Company and the Peerless Coal Company were for Jack Pippin of Church Hill, Tennessee and Damon Boggs of Kingsport, TN formerly Wise, VA.  There are two sheets for Pippin covering 1938-1942 and 1945-1946.  Boggs has just one sheet covering the period from 1941-1947.  Sheets for both men list folio numbers, debts, credits, and ongoing balances.

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This collection should be cited as:

Account Sheets from Eastman and Peerless Coal Companies, 1938-1947.  KC Manuscript Collection 191, Archives of the City of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Jeff A. Jenson processed the collection and developed the finding aid in February 2007.

Tennessee Eastman Corporation.
Peerless Coal Company.


1a. Peerless Coal Company, Account Sheet for Damon K. Boggs, Account Number 5361, April 1941-June 1947

1b. Eastman, Account Sheets for Jack Pippin, Account Number 3997, September 1938-June 1942 and October 1945-January 1946